MessageMe Gets Its Own Web Client


MessageMe, the popular iOS messaging App has today launched its web client which we believe would be hugely successful. The entire idea of being able to communicate with MessageMe users over the web is truly phenomenal and is a path that would probably soon be followed by other leaders in the space including WhatsApp, Line and others. Read More

Firefox Coming to the iPad

At Mozilla’s Product Design Strategy event, the open-source giant revealed a prototype of Firefox for iPad. Alex Limi and Trond Werner Hansen were the two designers that showed off Junior, a web browser from Mozilla that is meant to serve the purpose of Firefox on iPad, but does not appear to be like Firefox in any way. Limi said that Safari on iPad is “a pretty miserable experience” and that with Junior, the team will “throw out everything we know about browsers so far” to “reinvent the browser for a new form factor”. Read More

Finally. An Extension For Safari That Prevents App Store From Opening Automatically

nomoreitunesWhenever you visit an App page via Safari, it leads you to iTunes on your computer. Finally, an extension has arrived for Safari that prevents this from happening. With NoMoreiTunes, you can easily prevent App Store and iTunes pages from opening using the desktop App. The extension disables the script that triggers that action. Read More

Cut The Rope Comes To The Web

cut the ropeZepto Labs along with Microsoft have teamed up to bring Cut the Rope, their insanely famous game to the web so users will be able to feed Om Nom directly via their browsers. The announcement was made at CES and from now on every browser with HTML 5 capabilities will be able to sport Cut the Rope. Although the experience of playing Cut the Rope won’t be fun enough iOS’ multi-touch capabilities, the game should help you kill some time. Read More Has Been Redesigned To Promote and Sell Android The Right Way

Google has redesigned to sell and promote their open-source Android platform for mobile and tablet devices. Although the pages aren’t as sophisticated as the ones presented by Apple promoting iOS, it is definitely better than the earlier design. Now it features three tabs – “Discover Android”, “Get Apps” and “Develop Apps”.

Give it a look here.

Sir Tim Berners-Lee Posts About Steve Jobs

The creator of the internet, Sir Tim Berners-Lee has just posted a short note about the most amazing human being who changed the world, Steve Jobs. Sir Tim Berners-Lee discovered the world wide web on a NeXT machine which was built and designed by Steve and his team. Later on, NeXT was acquired by Apple and Steve returned to Apple to become the CEO and make Apple one of the world’s most recognized brand. Read More