New Instagram Updated Allows Users To Like Stories Without Sending DMs

The newest update rolled out by Instagram will allow users to like stories without sending the poster a DM. This means users can now ‘like’ a photo or video shared by someone on their Instagram Stories without showing up in their DMs. Instagram head Adam Mosseri made the announcement through a video which he shared on Twitter. Mosseri said in the video, “So now, as you go through Stories, between sending a message and that little paper airplane, there will be a heart icon.” Mosseri informed viewers that clicking on the heart icon will not send the poster any message, but will show up with the like count of the Story, along with it’s view count. This new feature is being called the ‘Story Like’.

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Uber for iOS Users Can Now View Their Passenger Star Rating

Uber has announced an important change to its iOS app. The rental car app is notorious for its passenger ratings, a feature many customers still seem to be unaware of. However, Uber has now announced that it will now make the star rating data available to customers. Customers will be provided with detailed information about the star ratings they have received from their Uber drivers.

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Google Play Introduces an ‘Offers’ Tab to Display Games and Apps Deals

illustration of hand holding smartphone featuring Google Play Store Offers Tab.

Google has recently announced the introduction of a new feature to the Google Play Store. This feature comes in the form of the addition of a new tab to the app. The Google Play Store “Offers” tab is designed to assist users in finding good deals on games and apps. The company has stated that the tab will feature deals across various categories. These include travel, shopping, fitness, media, and entertainment apps. Even though Google already shows users the different kinds of offers throughout the Play Store, this new tab will now aggregate those offers into one place. The Google Play Offers tab will be rolling out over the upcoming weeks. This update will first be available to users in the United States, Indonesia, and India. Google intends to expand the launch of this new tab to more countries later in 2022. 

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Google Play Store Might Get New “Offers” Tab Update

In October, Google had introduced a redesigned Material You update to its Play Store that was fairly uncomplicated in that it was confined to the home screen only. It now appears that Google is adding a new feature – an “Offers” tab – to the Play Store, although at the risk of making the bottom bar too cluttered. The bottom bar of the Play Store stores four tabs for most accounts, which extends to five tabs for those accounts that are subscribed to Play Pass. However, with the addition of the new “Offers” tab, which would slot between “Movies & TV” and “Apps”, five tabs could soon become the standard for all users. Unfortunately, the addition causes the tabs to get truncated quiet badly.

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Pixel Phones Finally Receive The July Update

Generally, the monthly software update for Pixel phones comes on the first Monday of the month. However, it got a little delayed this time due to the 4th of July weekend in the US. Anyway, it’s here now.

This time the Pixel user is getting the RQ3A.210705.001 build and it includes the July security patch level. Because of this many vulnerabilities have been fixed both high and critical.

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