Elon Musk Officially Purchases Twitter

Twitter’s board has officially approved its sale to Elon Musk, one of the richest men in the world. Musk will be paying a whopping $44 billion for the social media platform. This is significantly more than the current market value of Twitter. Earlier this month, Musk had made an official offer to buy Twitter after he unexpectedly became a shareholder with the highest stake in the company. However, at that time, the board had rejected his offer. To do so, they had used a “poison pill” tactic. This effectively stopped him from gaining over 15% of the company.

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Apple’s App Tracking Restrictions Cost YouTube and Facebook Billions

Apple’s app tracking crackdown is costing Facebook & YouTube billions. Pictured youtube icon open on a smartphone, a laptop, and a tablet.

Since a lot of users’ private and sensitive data is stored on digital devices like smartphones and tablets, app tracking has become a cause for concern. In order to reduce the amount of surveillance done on users by apps, tech giant Apple has begun cracking down on app tracking. In 2021, the tech giant introduced the App Tracking Transparency feature in iOS 14.5. This feature is meant to act as a shield for iOS users. It stops developers from tracking users across websites and other apps. When a user rejects tracking, it gets harder to collect data on users to create user profiles that can identify their interests for tailored advertisements. This consumer-focused update by Apple has been costing big digital corporations such as YouTube and Facebook billions in revenue.

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Twitter Rolls Out Pinned Direct Messages Feature

The notorious social network platform Twitter is rolling out a new feature to upgrade it’s direct messaging interface. Used mostly for its ‘Tweeting’ service, Twitter hosts a rather standard direct messaging interface, same as most other social media platforms, but vastly inferior to the DM services offered by the likes of Facebook Messenger, Discord, iMessage, etc. With the roll out of this new feature, Twitter’s DM services will see a significant upgrade. The new feature in question is the option to pin conversations in your DMs.

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iOS Users Can Now Listen To Recorded Spaces On Twitter

Twitter is launching a new feature that will allow users to record and listen to Spaces on the web, Android, and iOS. Thus, anyone hosting a Spaces would be able to record it and make it accessible to other, so that they can listen to it later.

Twitter announced the roll-out of the feature with a post on its “Twitter Support” account. The post detailed the availability of the recording feature on Spaces, stating that “the option to record a Space is available for some hosts on both iOS and Android.” It further read that “the option to listen to a recording of a Space is available for everyone on iOS,  Android, and now web.”

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Twitter Looks into Bug Logging Users Out of iPhones

Over the last week, multiple users of the Twitter iOS app have been facing a bug that spontaneously logs them out of their Twitter accounts. Users of the microblogging site who have been using the Twitter app on their iPhones have been finding themselves unexpectedly logged out. Upon trying to log back in, they find themselves logged out again, repeatedly. For the most part, users who are facing this issue appear to have installed the latest iOS 15 on their devices. Twitter has acknowledged this bug, and have informed that they are currently looking into the issue.

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Twitter Fixes Disappearing Tweets While Scrolling

Twitter has announced an update for the iOS version of their app that fixes a long-standing issue for the users of the microblogging app. The bug caused tweets to spontaneously disappear from the timeline of their users, when pausing to read the tweet while scrolling. With the introduction of this new fix, users will be able to pause and read tweets, which will now stay put on the timeline. The issue was initially resolved on 15th November for users of the Twitter Web Service. This fix is now introduced to iOS devices, and users simply need to update their Twitter app on their iPhone and iPad devices in order to be able to get rid of the pesky issue.

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