Top 5 Apps For A Personalized Holiday Experience

Traveling is all fun and games on its own but I think we can all agree that a good traveler should have a well-crafted itinerary. In the age of technology, although everything can be left to mobile Apps for planning your trip, people still want to add a personalized touch to it.

We present to you Top 5 Apps For A Personalized Holiday Experience so that you can taste wonders of the world without having to compromise your comfort. Read More

Google Will Help You Plan Your Trip – Google ‘Touring Bird’

Travel planner and vacationers around the globe will soon be able to plan out their holiday trips without much hassle. Google is bringing the new App in the form of a travel guide called ‘Touring Bird‘. This App is being developed by Google’s in-house start-up ‘Area 120’ and will help tourists with the list of tours, activities and attractions for all the popular travel destinations. Read More

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Ctrip – A Great Travel Booking App For Asian Users

ctrip1 Ctrip Mobile is a recently launched travel App by the China based International. Their claim to be Asia’s leading online travel agent is backed up by 250 million members, over 800,000 hotels and 2 million flight routes in over 200 countries. If that doesn’t impress you, read ahead. The App offers end-to-end solution for all your travel needs. All from search to booking can be done straight from the App. Along with that the App also offers some great “Mobile Only” discounts for the users. Read More

MapItOut — A Handy Travel Companion (Review)

MapItOutIf you’re bored of your usual iOS Maps or can’t get your Google Maps to do everything that you want, then here is an alternative that is worth trying. MapItOut: Route and Travel Planner is an App that contains all the features of a Map and a Journey Planner and a whole load more. Plan a holiday, find your car, get travel itinerary, all in one little App. Read More

Fancy Tips for iOS — Quick Gratuities (Review)

fancy tipsWhen it comes to tipping, how quickly are you able to figure out how much to give? Although gratuities are considered to be customary gestures of appreciation, vague rules have been laid out to govern this routine custom. At times, it can be quite startling to not only tell how much but also whom to tip. Developed by Levgenii Lebid, Fancy Tips is an outstanding App that has got users to master the tipping art. Read More

iPacking For iOS — Your Ultimate Travel Companion

ipackingGoing for a vacation, business trip or summer camping and need help packing appropriately or, rather, packing completely? iPacking, a brilliant new App by Nexti Co. is here to your rescue. No longer do you need to scramble around the airport looking for sunscreen or worse, cancelling your vacation because you forgot your or your children’s passport at home. Read More

Top 10 Free Android Apps To Make Travelling Easier

travellingWhether it is for holiday or work, travelling can be a stressful thing. Getting to the airport, flight delays, reserving hotel rooms, hiring a car, and many such things get in the way of enjoying your holiday, exploring your destination or securing that business deal that you have travelled across the globe for. But all these obstacles can be removed with a few taps on your android device. Here is a list of 10 Android Apps that make for the perfect travelling companions. Read More