A New Tik Tok -Style Indicator Will Appear When YouTube Channels Go Live

The developers of YouTube continually add new features to the platform to make it more engaging and informative. The newest feature added to the interface is an indicator to show when a specific channel is streaming live. The feature was announced on Twitter by YouTube Products Director, Neal Mohan.

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Most Valuable Brand of 2022 Title Goes to Apple

Most Valuable Brand of 2022 goes to Apple. Image of Apple Store, Taiwan.

As per the latest research report performed by Brand Directory, Apple stands as the world’s most valuable brand in 2022. Brand Directory estimates the valuation of the Cupertino based tech giant to be at $355.1 billion. This valuation is according to the calculations of the research firm. It does not reflect Apple’s market cap.

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Instagram Remix Feature Not Exclusive to Reels, Expanded to All Videos

Instagram Remix feature introduced. Image of mobile screen with miscellaneous app, Instagram in focus.

Instagram, the Meta-owned image based social media platform, announces that it will be expanding the Instagram Remix feature to all public videos on their platform. They had first introduced the feature in 2021 for the short-video format available on Instagram, called Instagram Reels. Using this feature, a creator can ‘remix’ their own video with existing Instagram Reels by themselves or by other users. Therefore, the final outcome appears like a split view. Thus viewers are able to watch a stitched together version of both the short clips. As per the latest Instagram update, users can now use the Instagram Remix with more functionalities. Users can now create remixes with regular Instagram videos which are publicly posted. Moreover, the update will bring a longer time limit.

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Meta Takes Multiple Spots in the Most Popular Apps (2021) List

With the year wrapping to a close, it is only fitting to look back at the events of the year past. Thus, Apptopia, a consultation company, has come out with its ranked list of the most popular apps of 2021 globally.

Before beginning with the list, it should be kept in mind that there were some minor differences in the process of compiling ratings for apps globally and for the United States specifically. The list of most popular apps globally in 2021 includes apps that were downloaded the most number of times on both iOS and Android. With that, let us begin with the rankings of the most popular apps globally (2021).

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Facebook Introduces “Collabs” Video App – TikTok’s New Competition

Post its availability as a private beta, new ‘Collab’ app introduced by Facebook allows musicians to record videos and merge their parts for the public’s access. Somewhere between creating short videos like TikTok and social collaboration with a focus on music creation and allowing users to create their own “Collabs” or join in with others on existing ones is what the iOS app offers. Read More

Netflix’s “Fast Laughs”, The New TikTok?

First Vine, then TikTok, and now Fast Laughs. The beloved TikTok format does not seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. The trend has reached such heights that even Netflix has decided to adopt the vertical video feed format from TikTok. Fast Laughs offers users short, bite-sized clips from its vast but ultimately underwhelming collection of comedy specials. The Fast Laughs feed is set to include content from original shows alongside licensed programs. Netflix has been doing something alike Just Laughs in the form of Netflix is a Joke which posts longer clips of various shows from Netflix on social media platforms. Read More

India Bans 118 More Chinese Apps Including PUBG And Alipay

As the border dispute between India and China started to heat up, India took measures to protect its privacy as well as integrity. For that, the Indian government banned Chinese Apps like TikTok and WeChat, back in June. In continuation of that, India has added 118 Chinese Apps to its banned Apps list. The move precedes the US ban of TikTok scheduled for November. Read More

Apple Has No Plans To Acquire TikTok

Apple clearly stated that it is uninterested in acquiring TikTok and it certainly has no plans to pursue such a deal in the future. Despite a new Axios report which implied that Apple has shown “serious interest” in acquiring the short-form video sharing service.

President Trump has warned to ban TikTok in the United States over concerns related to national security. However, a report last week indicated that Microsoft was in active negotiations. Axios also told there was a sizeable private equity interest in the investment and Microsoft would be open to minority investors as part of the venture. There has also been heated speculation about other prospective buyers for the app. Read More

Instagram Reels Could Be The Next Big Thing In India After TikTok Ban

After the Indian Government banned TikTok and 58 other China-based Apps for sovereignty and security purposes of the users and country, as stated in the press release, many companies lost a major market share. For TikTok, India was one of the largest markets with 30% downloads from the country. Following the ban, Facebook is reportedly testing Instagram’s Reel feature in India. Reels was first launched in Brazil last year as a test for both iOS and Android and last month it had expanded to Germany and France. Now the feature is on its way for users in India. The company will soon start testing the updated version in more countries and introduce the feature for global audience. Instagram Reels lets users record 15-second videos with music stored in the music library in the app, borrow audio from another video or record their own soundtrack and share on their Instagram Stories, send via Direct Message, or add to the new reels tab in the user’s profile. A new discovery section in Explore will show the user viral reels.  Read More