Google’s John Justice Reveals Stadia Plans, Data Caps, Android TV, And Not Overpromising

A lot of modifications were seen in Stadia’s first year, though Google continues to face difficulties to overcome in the gaming market. With the year coming closer, John Justice, Google’s Head of Product for Stadia, mentioned in an interview the state of the platform and plans to reveal compelling points and talked about how Stadia won’t overpromise with its announcements. Read More

Apple Discontinues Cloud Gaming Services Like xCloud And Stadia

Microsoft has been preparing to launch its xCloud game streaming service on September 15th. The company has also previously issued a partial list of titles that will be supported at launch. xCloud will allow users to experience a wider class of Xbox and PC games on their smartphones and tablets similar to NVIDIA’s GeForce NOW cloud gaming service. Although, it has been reported that the service won’t be available on Apple devices.

Apple has admitted that game streaming services such as Microsoft’s xCloud and Google’s Stadia infringe its App Store guidelines, which is the reason for the services to discontinue on iOS devices. As per Apple’s developer guidelines, it demands the app to “only connect to a user-owned host device that is a personal computer or dedicated game console owned by the user and both the host device and client must be connected on a local and LAN-based network.” Read More

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Google Stadia Tests 4G And 5G Game Streaming By Making Users Part Of The Experiment

Google has declared a brand-new Stadia experiment that allows users to play games on mobile devices over 4G and 5G cellular networks. The test went live on Tuesday and has started appearing for users. Heretofore, subscribers had to stay connected to steady Wi-Fi in order to use the game-streaming service on Android devices. Read More