Skype For iPhone Gets Background Blur Feature

An unscheduled virtual meeting might not give you enough time to clean up the mess in your room. But, Skype has you backed up! Microsoft is adding a background blur feature to its Skype for iOS app, similar to what exists in the company’s Teams app for iPhone and iPad. The feature was added to the desktop version of Skype back in February 2019, allowing the users to hide or blur what’s in the background during a video call. The company is using artificial intelligence to detect and blur everything in a room behind the participant. The working is similar to the first generation portrait photo feature on iPhones that detects faces to keep you as the main focal point, while everything in the background is artificially blurred out. The blur effect, will detect your hair, arms, and hands to avoid blurring out key body features during video calls, making your body language clear. Read More

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