Pixel Self Repair Program Announced by Google

six Google Pixel 6 Pro devices lying face down on a surface. Pixel Self Repair Program Announced by Google
Google Pixel 6 Pro

Tech giant Google has announced its Pixel self-repair program. With this announcement, Google joins the ranks of Samsung and Apple by providing users the option to repair their devices by themselves. In 2021, Cupertino company Apple announced that it would offer a self-repair program for iPhones. As of now, this Apple program remains unnamed and without a launch date. However, under this program, anyone can buy kits to repair their iPhones. South Korean mobile manufacturer Samsung launched a similar program in collaboration with iFixit in March of this year. It does not have a name or a fixed date of launch yet. Like Samsung and Apple, Google, too, is yet to name its self-repair program. The Google self-repair program does not yet have an explicit release date. Much like Samsung, Google’s program also will be in partnership with iFixit.

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Most Valuable Brand of 2022 Title Goes to Apple

Most Valuable Brand of 2022 goes to Apple. Image of Apple Store, Taiwan.

As per the latest research report performed by Brand Directory, Apple stands as the world’s most valuable brand in 2022. Brand Directory estimates the valuation of the Cupertino based tech giant to be at $355.1 billion. This valuation is according to the calculations of the research firm. It does not reflect Apple’s market cap.

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Shortage of Samsung Devices in the Market Leads to Growing Demand for the iPhone 13 series in the US

The most recent Wave7 research report revealed that Samsung’s sale of smartphones in the US has taken a major hit due to the global chip shortage, causing it to lose some of its share in the US smartphone market. The limited availability of the luxury Samsung Galaxy smartphones has also resulted in increased demand for the iPhone 13 series by Apple. As part of the research, a survey was conducted with representative participation from the 40 prominent carriers, such as AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon. The agenda of the report was to analyze and understand smartphone sales in the US from October by utilizing the information collected in the survey. The report revealed that 65% of the carrier representatives said that when compared to demand for the iPhone 12 series in October 2020, demand for the iPhone 13 line has notably increased one year later, in October 2021. The iPhone accounted for 72% of Verizon’s smartphone sales in the last month, whereas only 23% of its smartphone sales were from Samsung. The figures changed to 76% in iPhone sales and 20% in Samsung sales in the case of AT&T, and 66% in iPhone sale and 26% in Samsung sale for T-Mobile.

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Google Partners with Samsung to Redesign Wear OS

In May, Google declared at I/O 2021 that it was partnering with Samsung to give a much needed redesign to Wear OS. Samsung’s launch of the newest Galaxy Watch 4 series soon after offered the first glimpse into the updated version of Wear OS, and the general consensus seems to be that the update is a huge upgrade from the older version and offers many improvements over it. If the gigantic leap in market shares in 2021’s Q3 is any indication, consumers are also liking Wear OS 3.

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Samsung Unveils One UI 4 Based on Android 12 for Galaxy S21 Series

On Monday, Samsung announced the rolling out of One UI 4. This commences with the Galaxy S21 series of devices, including Galaxy S21, Galaxy S21+, and Galaxy S21 Ultra. According to Samsung, this update offers new customization options, enhanced privacy features, and overall, an “elevated mobile experience.” The One UI 4 update is based on Android 12. It will likely be available for other smartphone devices in upcoming months. The company has also unveiled an update for their Galaxy Watch series of smartwatches.

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Following Apple’s Footsteps, Samsung Adds New Browser Feature

While netizens can never quiet decide unanimously between Apple and Samsung, as of late, Apple appears to be taking the lead, with Samsung following in its footsteps. Case in point: the online uproar over Samsung’s update to its Internet web browser, which is strikingly similar to Apple’s recent update to its own browser, Safari.

Apple recently released its iPhones’ iOS 15 update, which comes with many changes to its own web browser – Safari. One of these changes is the option to move the address bar to the bottom of the browser screen, while previously it had been a permanent fixture at the top of the screen.

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Collaboration Of Google And Samsung For Wear OS Announced At Google I/O 2021

Google has teamed up with Samsung in the past as well; hence it doesn’t shock the users when we hear about their collaboration. However, this time the two companies have teamed up for the Wear OS. This was announced in the ongoing Google I/O. the best of Wear OS and Tizen are being brought together on a single platform. The entire aim of this collaboration is to provide faster performance, longer battery life, and give the users options for more apps on their wrist.

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Apple Stays At The Top In The Wearable Market

According to the latest IDC report, the best-selling smartwatch of 2020 was the Apple Watch. The report says that Apple shipped over 55.6 million wearable devices in the fourth quarter of 2020, obtaining 36.2 percent of the market share. The second position was acquired by Xiaomi though there was a vast difference between the two as Xiaomi had an 8.8 percent market share during the same quarter. The Chinese company shipped over 13.5 million wearables in the fourth quarter. BoAt, an Indian wearable company shipped over 5.4 million units thus having a 3.5 percent market share and making the last quarter a successful one for itself as well. Read More