Safari on iOS 15.4 and macOS 12.3 Brings Several New Features

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On Monday, tech giant Apple released macOS Monterey 12.3 and iOS 15.4. Both of these include the newest update for the version 15.4 Safari web browser. Besides the regular changelogs for the two OS, the Cupertino company additionally published a blog post. The post details the changes introduced in the latest WebKit engine update. The WebKit engine is responsible for powering Safari on all platforms.

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Google Chrome Continues To Be The Most Popular Browser In The World

Google Chrome has claimed the title of the most popular browser for many years now. It continues to boast that title with over 60% market share on desktops, as per the latest StatsCounter results. However, some things also seem to be moving backwards, with Microsoft’s browser, Edge, overtaking Safari.

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Following Apple’s Footsteps, Samsung Adds New Browser Feature

While netizens can never quiet decide unanimously between Apple and Samsung, as of late, Apple appears to be taking the lead, with Samsung following in its footsteps. Case in point: the online uproar over Samsung’s update to its Internet web browser, which is strikingly similar to Apple’s recent update to its own browser, Safari.

Apple recently released its iPhones’ iOS 15 update, which comes with many changes to its own web browser – Safari. One of these changes is the option to move the address bar to the bottom of the browser screen, while previously it had been a permanent fixture at the top of the screen.

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Google Docs Works Better On Safari Compared To Native App On iPadOS

Apple launched iPad OS for the first time at the WWDC event conducted on June 4th. However, it left many people wondering why the company would want the iPad to have its own OS in the first place. According to a report on The Verge, they got their hands on an iPad running the new iPadOS and found out that Google Docs runs perfectly on Safari in comparison its native App on iPad. Read More

Beautiful New Apple Store Coming Soon in Barcelona (PICS)

apple store barcelonaApple will soon be opening up a brand new Apple Store near the center of the city of Barcelona at Plaza Catalunya. The folks at have managed to snap a few incredible pictures of the location. Bearing the pure Apple styled vision of making things visually stunning, this new store is covered with a gorgeous computer printed large sheet which includes broken tiles of the most popular native iPhone Apps. Read MoreReviewsCollect Ad

Finally. An Extension For Safari That Prevents App Store From Opening Automatically

nomoreitunesWhenever you visit an App page via Safari, it leads you to iTunes on your computer. Finally, an extension has arrived for Safari that prevents this from happening. With NoMoreiTunes, you can easily prevent App Store and iTunes pages from opening using the desktop App. The extension disables the script that triggers that action. Read More

Home Screen Saved Web Apps Now Have Access to Nitro Javascript Engine

nitro javascript engineApple added support for the Nitro Javascript Engine in mobile safari with iOS 4.2, but web apps saved to the home screen using the “Add to Home Screen” feature in safari did not have access to the Javascript library. Web application utilizing the power of the engine were drastically slower when launched from the home screen compared to being launched from mobile safari directly. In iOS 4.3, Apple has fixed the bug, and now saved web applications can optimize the nitro javascript engine for improved and faster performance. Read More