Top 5 EV Recharge Station Locator Apps for India

With the rise in popularity of electric vehicles (EV), many counties have now begun encouraging them as a more sustainable alternative to traditionally fueled modes of transport. A land that is constantly evolving and adapting to change, India, too, has incorporated electric vehicles into its transportation system. The Government of India, as well as many state governments, have granted subsidies in order to propel EV acceptance and adoption in the country. One of the primary reasons people are hesitant of EVs is the relatively limited availability of charging stations. Although many electric vehicle producers have taken up the task of installing EV charging stations across the nation, another challenge that deters potential buyers is the inability to access resources. Despite many EV charging stations having already been installed across India, many drivers are often unable to find one near them when in a pinch. However, there are numerous apps available online that can help users find the nearest EV charging station. Listed below are our top picks for EV charging station locator apps in India.

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Top 5 EV Recharge Station Locator Apps for USA

When planning a long road trip, it is essential that you strategize where and when to charge your electric car when on the road. There are plenty of apps available that help users locate charging stations near them. Every app comes with its own set of features and specialties that sets them apart. These recharge station locator apps vary in their payment model, with some offering a subscription service while other opting for a pay-per-use model. The payment model, along with other factors like crowdsourced data, visibility, customer care, etc., all culminate to create a service that makes recharging electric cars a hassle free and effortless affair.

Recharging electric cars at charging stations is a great alternative to refueling your car at gas stations and is an effective way of transitioning to a more sustainable and renewable energy source for your vehicle. While it is entirely up to personal preference and requirements when it comes to which app you opt for, here is our list of the top five EV recharge station locator apps in the United States:

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