MediaTek Replaces Qualcomm As Top Android Chipmaker In The US

Despite losing its position as the top Android chip producer globally to MediaTek in 2020, Qualcomm had still maintained its top spot in the US market. However, it appears that Qualcomm has been dethroned yet again. Citing 2021’s Q4 IDC statistics, MediaTek, while briefing about its Dimensity 8000 series, claimed to be the top chip producer for Android models in the United States.

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Google Partners with Qualcomm to Develop Better AI Experience on Smartphones

Google partners up with Qualcomm in a collaborative effort to speed up the development and differentiation of neural network for Snapdragon mobile, ACPC, and XR platforms, along with Snapdragon Ride Platform, as well as Qualcomm Technologies’ IoT platforms. They will be making use of Google Cloud Vertex AI Neural Architecture Search (NAS) along with the Qualcomm Artificial Intelligence (AI) Engine. The partnership between Google and Qualcomm and Google is said to be done in the interest of enhancement of AI capabilities in Qualcomm and Snapdragon chipsets powered devices. It is hoped that the collaborative effort will lead to enhanced accuracy in feedback from the AI.

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Apple Shifts from Qualcomm to TSMC Self Designed 5G Modem from 2023

Apple intends to allow Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. (TSMC) to manufacture their own self designed 5G modems. According to reports from Nikkei Asia, Apple plans of shifting away from industry leader Qualcomm. Sources close to the matter have revealed that this move to be caused by Apple’s intention to rely less on Qualcomm, which have hefty patent fees. This move is expected to take place from 2023.

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Qualcomm’s New PC Chips Designed by Ex-Apple Engineers Rivals Apple Silicon

Qualcomm is gearing up to rival the new M-series chips by Apple for the Mac. In its 2021 Investor Day event held today, the chip maker emphasized on launching its “next generation” technology, which comes with new hardware for the CPU designed by Nuvia. Notably, Nuvia is the chip making startup established by three former Apple employees that Qualcomm has acquired earlier in the year, who had previously worked on the Apple A-series.

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Apple To Have Its Own 5G Modem In 2023 iPhones

If the rumors around are to be believed then Apple is preparing to leave Qualcomm and launch its own 5G modem chip. And this is slated to happen within two years. As per MacRumors, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has said that from 2023, Apple is going to stop using Qualcomm completely and launch their custom 5G modem chip. He said that the 2023 iPhones of Apple will be having the 5G modem design.  As of now, Qualcomm gives the 5G modem that they are present in the latest iPhones i.e. the iPhone 12 series. This doesn’t surprise us as it was long been heard that Apple is working on its own custom 5G modem chip.

Long back there was a dispute between Apple and Qualcomm because of a patent infringement. The case was won by Qualcomm and a billion dollars was won by them out of a court settlement with Apple. Although Qualcomm started friendly relation with Apple again, Apple wasn’t okay with it. Since then, it was being heard that Apple was trying to make its own 5G modem chipset. Before resolving the issues with Qualcomm it was also heard that Apple had asked Intel to make a 5G radio chipset that they could use in their first 5G iPhones.

Intel had almost finished developing the chipset but due to some unknown reason, they did not meet the deadline. After that Apple and Qualcomm reached a middle ground and Apple stopped their deal with Intel.

Previously, a Barclays investor report had also said that Apple would use their own 5G modem design for the first time in their 2023 iPhones. The latest reports have just confirmed this previous news. Kuo has also said that losing Apple as a client would be a huge setback for Qualcomm. It would be difficult for them to continue having big clients in the 5G modem space among Android OEMs. Kuo said, “Qualcomm will be forced to compete for more orders in the low-end market to compensate for Apple’s order loss.”

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