Apple Patents Magic Keyboard with an Integrated Mac Inside

Source: Pixabay

Apple has filed a patent for a new “Magic keyboard” with an entire computer within it. In order to avoid having to carry a mouse, the keyboard may also come with a trackpad within it. Apple filed the patent at USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office) way back in August 2020, reports Patently Apple. This new device concept will likely rival desktop and laptop. 

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Apple Keyboard Patented Can Turn iPad into MacBook

Apple Keyboard patent approved. Pictured iPad and iPhone.

Tech giant Apple received a new patent recently. As per the details of this patent, it shows a hinged keyboard mechanism which can provide the keyboard environment. Essentially, this support will be able to allow an iPad to effectively function as a MacBook Pro device.

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Apple Awarded Patent For Under-Display Touch ID

Apple is working towards a seamless front screen for their phones, without a notch or bezel. In another step towards achieving this “single slab of glass” vision, Apple has been awarded a fresh patent for a type of under-display Touch ID. 

With everybody wearing a mask half the time because of the Coronavirus crisis, it’s not possible to use the Face ID feature without being inconvenienced. The iPhone X was a major step forward because Apple eliminated the Home button to make the screen seamless. Face ID still requires a notch at the top of the screen. For the screen to be a “single slab of glass”, either Face IR or Touch ID would need to be embedded in the display, and so far Touch ID seems like the viable option. Read More

Google Is Working On Foldable Phone, Shows New Patent

A new patent has emerged online that shows that Google is developing its own version of foldable smartphone. This could be first for the company where the hardware manufacturing will not be outsourced and made entirely by Google itself. Foldable smartphones are catching the imagination of people with the launch of Samsung Galaxy Fold and Google surely does not want to stay behind in this race. Read MoreReviewsCollect Ad

Google Is Developing A Game Controller For Its Game Streaming Service

A new patent has revealed the details of Google’s game controller for its upcoming game streaming service. Google plans to include this service in the Chrome browsers and users can play and stream games by opening the browser on the desktop. The patent illustrating the hardware for the controller shows to have notification systems for new game requests and also seems to have a dedicated button for Google Assistant. Read More

Apple’s New Patent Shows How Its Foldable Phone Might Look Like

Apple has filed a new patent that appears to be the concept or rendering of how the foldable phone from the company will look like in the future. As many top smartphone companies have started getting into developing their own versions of foldable phones with Samsung and Xiaomi taking the lead, looks like Apple is also keen to enter in this arena soon. Read More