Startup that Makes Music with AI Bought by Apple

A startup named AI Music was recently acquired by Apple Inc., according to a source familiar with the matter. The startup utilises artificial intelligence to create customised music, and adds technology that could be employed to the entirety of its offered audio catalogue. The purchase of the London based startup, which was created in 2016, was completed recently. AI Music, before the purchase, has close to two-dozen employees.

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Apple Music App Features – Lossless, Spatial Audio, And Dolby Atmos Are Now Available To Android Users

The Apple Music app has some exciting updates and it is all in favor of its Android users. The Lossless Audio and Dolby Atmos are now available on Android phones as well. While Apple recently added these features to its iPadOS, iOS, and MacOS just last month, they soon released them to their Indian audience as well. Apple Music users around the globe can enjoy spatial audio with Dolby Atmos and its live music feel. The addition of these features makes the Music apps for Apple and Android, equal. Another good news is it comes with no special charges on the upgrade. The subscription amount remains the same for regular (Rs.99/month) as well as the student plan (Rs.49/month). 

Apple says the upgrade does consume more data for Android users as well, for example, a 3-minute track consumes 6MB and can consume up to 145MB with High-resolution Lossless. Apple has also said to create playlists for the easy use of the customers. The quality of music is described as “a new experience that transforms the way music will be created”. 

Create Your Own Virtual Music Room Through Google Magenta’s Lo-Fi Player

Lo-Fi Player, a new Google Magenta Project, lets users mix lo-fi, hip-hop music tracks allowing them to create a custom music room in their browser. It requires no prerequisite musical ability.

Magenta is designed for the creation of music and art. Lo-Fi Player is a typical example of what it can do using Google’s machine learning systems. Magenta is powered by Google’s open source TensorFlow system, part of an ongoing research project “explorting the role of machine learning as a tool in the creative process.” Read MoreReviewsCollect Ad

Shazam Can Now Recognize Music Playing On Your Headphones

Shazam, the most popular music recognition App owned by Apple, has made it even easier now to identify the music you listen to with a new feature. For Android users who listen to music on their headphones at all times, the Shazam App can directly identify the song playing on them without the user having to disconnect the headphone from the phone. Read More

Snapchat Partners With JioSaavn App For Indian Users

Snapchat is constantly improving the user experience on the App and it has now become partners with JioSaavn in India making it easier for the users in this country to share their favorite music with family and friends. This means that if you are listening to a track on JioSaavn, you can quickly share it with anyone on your Snapchat and let them know about it. Read More

Spotify Is Testing Its New Car Hardware To Play Music And Podcasts

Spotify is surely one of the top preferred Apps after iTunes when it comes to music streaming across different genres. The company has started testing its first ever hardware for cars called “Car Thing” with a bunch of Spotify Premium members to learn more about the listener’s activity and user experience in different environments. Read More

SoundCloud Brings Special Discounted Pricing For Students

SoundCloud is a big name in the audio industry, where you can see all the independent artists uploading their music alongside the regular mainstream and commercial tracks. Today, this music streaming company has made it very easy for the students to avail the service at a reasonable cost of just $4.99 SoundCloud Go+ subscription instead of $9.99. Read More

Apple Buys Shazam, Will Offer Ad-Free Service

We have been looking at Apple’s plans to acquire Shazam since the past year and there was no clear insight as to when it will happen. The deal has been finally closed today at $400 Million and Apple now owns the popular music recognition software. With this acquisition, Apple announced that it will be making the service completely ad-free. This is good news for free users as they had to face ads earlier in the App. Read More

DJ Soundboard — Create Your Own Music (Review)

dj soundboardThere are three important frequencies in music which determines the pleasure factor and even defines the type of music — the lows, the mids and the highs. The low frequency tones, called the bass, plays a very important role in making the music pleasurable. A perfectly handled bass results in an enjoyable music experience. Keeping that in mind, developers from Teenager Look have made the DJ Soundboard — Deep Bass App that promises to enhance the bass levels where it is necessary and also gives you the controls to make you feel and act like a DJ! Read More