Apple Calls Out Meta for Charging Nearly Half of Metaverse Purchases

Apple calls out Meta for taking almost 50% of Metaverse purchases. Pictured, apple logo to the left, meta logo to the right

Meta has revealed that it intends to charge 47.5% as a commission fee on digital purchases made in its Metaverse. This has come as a surprise to many, as the digital giant was vocally critical of Apple’s high commission fee. The Cupertino tech giant charges a steep 15-30% commission fee on all App Store purchases. Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta, has been consistently calling out Apple for having monopolistic and anti-competitive practices. Now with Meta’s commission fee publicized, Apple has highlighted Meta’s hypocrisy.

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WhatsApp Tests Restrictions on Message Forwarding for iOS

Pictured, WhatsApp logo with text underneath titked WhatsApp.

Popular instant messaging platform WhatsApp has stated that will be introducing new limits for forwarded messages. This will limit the number of times a user can share a forwarded message in chat. The Meta subsidiary is doing this to curb the spread of misinformation. In this platform, forwarded messages are primarily responsible for the spread of misinformation. In March, WABetaInfo spotted this limit on WhatsApp Beta version for Android. Now, it appears that the Meta-owned company is introducing this limit on beta versions of the WhatsApp iOS app.

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WhatsApp’s Latest Beta Adds New Unicode 14 Emoji

WhatsApp icon. WhatsApp beta introdices Unicode 14 emojis.
Image Source: WhatsApp

New emojis are introduced on an almost yearly basis. Android 12L and iOS 15.4 first introduced Unicode 14. It brings with it 37 new emojis to better convey user reactions. Considering that the Meta-owned company is one of the largest and most popular instant messaging platforms in the world, WhatsApp introducing the same emojis is only logical. According to reports, WhatsApp has done exactly that in its latest beta.

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Meta Is Cutting “On Campus Amenities” Like Free Laundry And To-Go Meals

Recent reports claim that Facebook’s parent company, Meta, is cutting some of the benifits its employees have gotten used to, leading to some very disgruntled workers. Seven Meta employees, who agreed to talk to The New York Times anonymously, confirmed the reports, stating that laundry services were being cancelled for Meta employees, along with dinner being pushed back to 6:30 pm, deviating from the previous 6 pm schedule.

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WhatsApp Is Working On An End-To-End Polling Feature For Group Chats

Instant messaging site WhatsApp is always working on creating new features to make the interface more interesting. It is currently working on a new polling feature that will allow users to take polls withing WhatsApp groups. This feature is still is the development stage as of now, and us available to the group members only. The in-app feature, when introduced, would allow users to conduct polls on important topics within their WhatsApp group. In all likelihood, the feature will be rolled out to iOS devices first, before being introduced to desktop and Android users. It should also be noted, though, that as a developing feature, there is no guarantee that it will ever be rolled out.

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Zuckerberg Introduces New Company Values, Employees To Be Called ‘Metamates’

Meta chief Mark Zuckerberg, on Tuesday, introduced a new set of company values which encourage employees to be “Metamates” and treat each other respectfully as they work towards future goals. Zuckerberg shared the new company values on his Facebook page as a note to employees. The revised company values comes following a series of changes made to rebrand the Zuckerberg-founded company, which started with its renaming from ‘Facebook’ to ‘Meta’ in October.

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Privacy Policy Changes to Cost Meta $10 Billion in 2022

iPhone 13 in assorted colours. Apple is introducing privacy policy changes

Tech giant Apple‘s iOS privacy policy changes reportedly will cost Meta $10 billion this year. Meta, the parent company of Facebook, has accused that the privacy policy of the Cupertino company favors Google over app-based platforms like Facebook. Meta CFO David Wehner ha an earnings call with analysts late on Wednesday. Wehner mentioned they have seen revenue impact with iOS changes in the fourth quarter of 2021.

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Instagram to Prioritize Reels in 2022

In the upcoming new year of 2022, Instagram is going to be focusing primarily on video content. This strategy by the company includes an emphasis on the “Reels” feature offered by them. Adam Mosseri, Instagram’s head, has stated in a video message that the photo sharing platform intends to double down on video and focus on Reels in 2022. Mosseri also mentioned that the Meta-owned company intends to consolidate its video products around Reels and plans to continue growing that product.

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Apple Hires Meta’s PR Head for 2022 AR Headset Debut

Apple’s augmented reality (AR) device is one of the most anticipated launches set for 2022. As the year draws to a close, the tech giant appears to be taking steps to make the launch a success. According to reports, the Cupertino company has recently hired the communications lead of Meta augmented reality. This move comes ahead of the launch of Apple’s augmented reality headset in 2022. Mark Gurman wrore in his Bloomberg newsletter titled ‘Power On’ that Apple has brought on Andrea Schubert, who has been associated with Meta for nearly six years and is currently Meta’s public relations head.

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New WhatsApp Interface for Voice Calls being Tested

Meta owned WhatsApp has already introduced some upgrades to WhatsApp calls. The messaging platform in now developing a new interface for WhatsApp voice calls, claim reports. Accoring to a WABetaInfo report, a screenshot has surfaced showing WhatsApp’s redesign of the interface for a later update which will organise the space and make the voice call interface more modern and compact.

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