GarageBand Now Available for iPhone and iPod touch

garagebandApple’s incredible music creation App which was introduced for iPad earlier this year is now available for iPhones and iPod touches. Just like the iPad version, this App has got an amazing amount of musical instruments that you can choose from, play them, and even learn them. Songs from GarageBand on your iPhone or iPod touch can also be transferred to your Mac or PC for further editing. Read More

Siri Is Making Her Way To iPod touch Too

siri ipod touchWe were all disappointed when Siri wouldn’t appear on our iPhone 4 and iPad, but now 2 young hackers, euwars and rudolf77 have managed to come up with a jail break for the iPod touch so it can run Apple’s new assistant.

As you may have guessed, Siri isn’t fully functional on the iPod touch as it has to be connected to the internet to get a response from Apple’s servers, and these servers aren’t allowing Siri on an iPod touch to access it. From what I have interpreted from this, there is going to be a future update that will allow the ability to get a response from Siri and have the compatibility to function on other iOS devices. Read More

Review – Volcano Island for iOS

volcano islandIn Volcano Island for iOS, you’ve got overall five islands that you need to save. Your objective is to rescue people and animals from islands using boats, choppers, ships, and more. You need to strategically target your moves as they are limited, and rescue the animals and people. Some islanders can swim, while you need to help those who can’t. Read More

iCloud Revealed, Blows Away the Competition

20110607-012827.jpgApple today introduced iCloud, a web based service that would keep all your application data in sync with all your iOS devices. One thing that Steve Jobs loves to do is to blow away the competition, and with iCloud, he has yet again done that. iCloud is integrated into all your Apps, so you can instantly upload items, and access it from any iOS device. Read More