iPhone 15 Pro Max Only iPhone to Get Periscope Lens: Kuo

Apple may have had one of the first modern smartphones with a telephoto lens, but it will be one of the last to adopt a periscope style cam. Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has refined some of the claims about Apple’s first periscope – it is coming next year, but only to the iPhone 15 Pro Max (in other words, the smaller iPhone 15 Pro will stick to a classic tele lens).

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Apple Introduces Unique Lockdown Mode

Users have been getting increasingly concerned over the use of spyware on their devices for malicious purposes. Especially when it comes to high-profile people who may have sensitive data on their devices, they run the risk of malicious people purchasing spyware from private companies for targeted attacks. However, Apple has now delivered a new and unique solution to this problem.

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Pixel Watch May Support iPhone Connections

Wear OS 3 happens to be the latest version of the wearable operating system by tech giant Google. Wear OS 3 officially appears on only device, however. The wearable operating system currently runs only on the Galaxy Watch 4. Although other watches are also supposed to eventually get the update to Wear OS 3, that is yet to happen.

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Support for iPhone 6s, 7, SE Dropped, iPhone 8 and Later Get iOS 16

Tech giant Apple unveiled the new version of its major operating systems at the WWDC 2022. Among them were OS powering iPhones, iPads, Apple Watches, and computers. While many current devices still are supported by the new versions of the OS, some have been dropped from the roster of supported devices.

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macOS Ventura Introduces Stage Manager, iPhone May Be Used as a Webcam

Tech giant Apple unveiled the macOS Ventura at WWDC 2022. The OS will be introduced to its Mac computers in the upcoming fall. In line with recent macOS announcements, the macOS Ventura update is a subtle one. For the most part, it retains the visual style. Among the new features introduced, the biggest one might be Stage Manager. This is an overhaul of Mission Control. Users can enable and disable it from the Command Center. Mission Control used to show all running apps on the screen. Meanwhile, Stage Manager keeps all the currently open apps in focus while bunching the other apps by category to the side.

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