Here’s All You Need To Know About The 2022 Version iPhone SE

There have been a lot of speculations about the Apple iPhone 13 that is stated to launch this September. However, it turns out that the launch could be delayed to October or even November as there is a chip shortage all over the world. While there is no confirmation about when exactly the iPhone 13 is going to be launched, there has been news doing rounds about the new iPhone SE 2020 successor. As per reports, the next iPhone SE 2020 successor won’t launch this year but is likely to come out in 2022.

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iPhone SE 2020: Affordable Yet Powerful. A Perfect Switch From Android

iPhone-SE-2020The new iPhone SE has been the talk of the hour for the last few weeks now. Being Apple’s cheapest iPhone device, the iPhone has caught a lot of attention in the market. Priced at an amazingly affordable cost when compared to other iPhone devices, the mobile will cost you just $549. Furthermore, the device sports A13 Bionic chip making it as fast as the newer iPhone models out there. Not a lot of people could really afford to own an Apple, given the price history all the way long, it becomes a bit difficult for the mass to actually make this choice even if they wanted to. But, with the recent launch of iPhone SE, the dream of owning an Apple doesn’t seem so far fetched. Read More

iPhone SE 2 Is Expected To Launch This Year

New reports on Apple are pointing to in the direction of iPhone SE 2, and is likely to be launched later this year. The iPhone SE was a marvellous phone with its small 4-inch screen and mesmerised a lot of owners back in the day. There were no relevant signs from Apple if they will even considering renewing this device, which now seems to be turning into reality. Read More

Apple iPhone SE Costs $169 To Build

iPhone SE

Apple, a few weeks ago announced the cost efficient iPhone, the Apple iPhone SE. Little do the users know that the same iPhone is also cost efficient for Apple. According to a report formed by the research firm IHS, it roughly costs around $160 for Apple to build and assemble an iPhone SE. Yes, that’s correct. The phone that sells for $399 costs the company roughly $160 to build. Read More