Top 5 iPhone Apps To Annotate Images

While annotation apps on PCs are excellent, being able to annotate images on the go has become a necessity for modern working professionals. For iPhone users who need to annotate images using their smartphones, iOS has the option of image annotation integrated. However, there are countless other apps dedicated to this service for those whose needs are not met by this. Here, we have compiled a list of the top 5 iPhone apps to help our readers annotate images.

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Telegram Premium Shows Up on iOS Beta with Exclusive Stickers and Reactions

Since the inception of the popular instant messaging platform, Telegram has primarily been funded by the founder of the service, Pavel Durov. With its increasing popularity and success, as new users continue onboarding the start-up service, Telegram is now seeking to monetize it. In 2021, the platform started testing Sponsored Messages akin to advertisements in public channels with over 1000 subscribers. Telegram now appears to be preparing another monetization tool that might ask users to pay to unlock additional features.

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Top 5 iPhone Apps To Add Animated Effect To Photos

two hands holding phone with app open to add animated effect to photo

With the increasing popularity of GIFs and videos on social media, it becomes necessary for content creators and even everyday users to know how to add an animated effect to photos. Luckily for us, with the increasing popularity of animated photos, comes increasingly convenient and advanced apps that allow users to add these effects to photos. There are countless such apps that make it easy for users to add movement and animated effects to photos. Here, we have compiled a list of the top 5 iOS apps you can download on your iPhone to help you add an animated effect to your photos.

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Apple iMovie 3.0 introduces Storyboards and Magic Movie

iMovie 3.0 by Apple

During the Peek Performance virtual event in March, tech giant Apple had hinted at two new features coming to iMovie. The tech giant has finally unveiled these new features. Apple has now introduced Storyboards and Magic Movie with iMovie 3.0. With these new features, users will now find it much more convenient to create videos.

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Tim Cook of Apple Takes App Store Battle To Washington

Apple CEO Tim Cook

On Tuesday, in a speech in Washington, Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, has responded to moves to regulate App Store. In his speech, Cook argues that new rules might threaten the privacy of iPhone users. The speech came as a response to legislation that has been gaining an increasing amount of traction lately. As momentum gathers for this legislation, Cook put forth Apple’s perspective on this issue. This legislation might weaken Apple’s app market dominance. However, according to critics, that may be necessary. They believe Apple’s current market dominance is nothing short of a monopoly.

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WhatsApp Tests Restrictions on Message Forwarding for iOS

Pictured, WhatsApp logo with text underneath titked WhatsApp.

Popular instant messaging platform WhatsApp has stated that will be introducing new limits for forwarded messages. This will limit the number of times a user can share a forwarded message in chat. The Meta subsidiary is doing this to curb the spread of misinformation. In this platform, forwarded messages are primarily responsible for the spread of misinformation. In March, WABetaInfo spotted this limit on WhatsApp Beta version for Android. Now, it appears that the Meta-owned company is introducing this limit on beta versions of the WhatsApp iOS app.

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Switch to Android iOS App Can Copy iCloud Data to Google Photos

Pictured, Google Pixel 6 and iPhone 13 smartphones. Google offers "Switch to Android" iOS app capable of copying iCloud Data.
Image Source: AppleInsider

Android devices have not had the best track record supporting data migration and backup. Basic data such as SMS, Wi-Fi passwords, and more can be backed up onto a Google account. However, unless you use third-party tools, transferring most app data is difficult, if not impossible. Therefore, migrating from an iOS device to Android can also be difficult. According to latest reports, however, there is now more evidence that Google has been working on a solution for iPhone owners wishing to switch over to Android.

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Uber for iOS Users Can Now View Their Passenger Star Rating

Uber has announced an important change to its iOS app. The rental car app is notorious for its passenger ratings, a feature many customers still seem to be unaware of. However, Uber has now announced that it will now make the star rating data available to customers. Customers will be provided with detailed information about the star ratings they have received from their Uber drivers.

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