Top 5 iOS Apps For Dog Lovers

We think we’re speaking on everyone’s behalf when we say that everyone loves dogs. More than 67% of people own a dog in the US. A major portion of the rest of the population are either looking to adopt one or are, at least, dog enthusiasts. If you’re a dog lover and are looking to give a dog a home, we’ve got some Apps for you that will help you find your new best friend. Here are the Top 5 iOS Apps For Dog Lovers. Read More

App Store Gets A New Photo Editor App From The Makers Of Facetune

Mobile photography and editing apps are becoming more ideal as working on them is a pretty easy process, unless you are a professional graphic designer who would probably prefer Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom software on their PC over any other app. But for all the digital art beginners out there, Lightricks, the creator of the award-winning app – Facetune, has announced the launch of its latest app, Quickart, a one-tap photo editor for iPhone and iPad. The app was built within four months in light of the increasing demand for easy-to-use creative tools as more and more people are now staying indoors. People are using this extra time to explore their creativity and unleash their artistic side. During the peak lockdown period due to the pandemic, Lightricks saw a 90% increase in usage of its creativity tools in the U.S. alone. Read More

Apple’s New Privacy Controls Feature Exposes Several Apps For Copying User’s Clipboard Data

As a part of Apple’s iOS 14 Privacy Controls, the new Banner Alert feature allows users to know if an app is copying the clipboard’s content. According to several reports after the launch of iOS 14 beta, this feature is already revealing the conduct of some very popular apps. Recently many users noticed TikTok reading user’s clipboards on iPhone and iPad. The privacy alert keeps popping up on the screen every time the app is running, this has made the beta users concerned about TikTok copying personal data without permission. TikTok claimed that the clipboard access was used as fraud identification to check repetitive spam behavior, and TikTok released an iOS update to remove it. Other apps that have been caught reading user clipboards for no perceivable reason are LinkedIn, Reddit, AliExpress, Twitter, Starbucks, Overstock, and more.  Read More

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Top 5 Newly Launched iOS Apps

Looking for new Apps on the App Store may sound easy but when you look for Apps of a certain genre, you won’t possibly know which of the new Apps you should be checking out unless someone suggests you to. App Store is a factory of hidden gems that could be Gaming Apps, Productive Apps, Food and Drinks Apps and much more. We have made a list that will help you find the best newly launched Apps on the App Store. Read More