Instagram Now Made The Auto-Caption Feature Available In Stories

Instagram has brought forth a new feature. This is a captions sticker feature that will interpret the speech present in the videos. This will for now, be available in “English and English-speaking countries”. But it will soon be available in other countries and languages too. Instagram has also said that they will be testing this feature in Reels too.

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New Tool Coming Up For Instagram Influencers

Good news for the brands and influencers. Facebook-owned Instagram is now making a marketplace where brands can directly come in touch with influencers who they want for promotion of their brand products.

In a live video on Instagram, CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg and Instagram head Adam Mosseri made this announcement. Mosseri said, “Branded content is the economic engine behind the creator ecosystem. Matchmaking is something we can add a lot of value for.”

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You Can Now Filter Out Abusive DMs On Instagram

Instagram has launched a new feature wherein users can stop seeing abusive messages. They can filter offensive words, phrases, and even emojis and this is how they can stop viewing abusive messages.

On Wednesday, the company has said that not only this filter option for direct messages but they will also be making it difficult for a user’s blocked contacts to contact them through a new account.

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Instagram Introduces New Features To Combat COVID-19 Misinformation

An announcement was made by Instagram that it will be releasing new features to help combat COVID-19 misinformation: a link will be seen by users in areas with surging cases to their local health authority at the very top of their feed along with vaccination information will also be directed to credible health sources. Read More

Instagram And Facebook Messenger Roll Out “Vanish Mode”

Facebook Messenger and Instagram now let users have the option to auto-delete messages right after the user exits the mode on either of the phone apps. Facebook has coined the term “Vanish mode” for the new feature, which wipes out messages instantly after users exit the chat, thus encouraging users to have more intimate and in-the-moment conversations without any fear. Read More

Instagram Allows Users To Change Chat Themes And More With New Update

Instagram has recently been receiving a lot of updates and this new one has to be one of the most significant ones. Facebook had merged their messaging app with Instagram DMs a while back and with a pleasant surprise, they seem to have brought the chat themes to Instagram along with them. Moreover, several new and exciting features have been enumerated as well. Read More

Instagram Now Allows Users To Go Live For Up To 4 Hours

Instagram announced earlier today regarding the most recent update for their much-celebrated live feature. Now, users will be able to go live for a whooping 4 hours. In comparison with the earlier restricted 60 minutes, it is a huge development and influencers alongside users are very excited to make the optimum use of this new update. Read More