Google Rolls Out Revamped Google TV App with ‘Highlights’ Feed

Earlier this year, tech giant Google revamped the Google TV app with Material You tweaks and a new tab for ‘Highlights’. In this new tab, various content such as YouTube videos, reviews, news, and various articles related to the movies and TV shows that a user has expressed interest in is highlighted. Now, with the latest Google TV update, this revamped ‘Highlights’ feed is being widely rolled out. Unfortunately, this update sadly does not include the Material You design changes introduced earlier this year on the Google TV app.

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Google Rolls Out the First Beta of Android 13 for Google TV and Android TV

Tech giant Google has released the first beta of Android 13 for TV. This beta is the first look at the next version of the Android TV platform. With this beta being rolled out, developers and users will be able to have a preview of the new smart TV interface. However, users cannot simply install the latest beta on their existing Android TV or Google TV devices. To test out the Android 13 TV on a physical device, users need access to the ADT-3, an Android TV dongle meant for developers. Users can also access the new software by using the Android Emulator for TV within Android Studio.

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Google TV To Include Live TV Channels

Google is all set to bring free TV channels to Google TV, the Android-based smart TV platform. Google TV runs on Chromecast and some specific smart TVs from different brands including Sony and TCL. Disney+ Hotstar, Netflix, and other streaming apps support Google TV. Now it has come up that Google TV might reach a higher level by adding some free channels to its service. If reports are to be believed then Google is talking to companies who will provide free and ad-supporting streaming television channels.

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Google To Launch Sabrina: A New Android TV Dongle

Google-Android-TV-DongleGoogle’s Android TV Dongle rumours have been doing rounds for quite some time now as there was no solid evidence of its arrival. But as per the latest reports, we have something in hand about Google’s latest arrival now. Named Sabrina, the new Android TV Dongle is a much-hyped addition to the Google Chromecast Series. This will be the only device with more capabilities and features than the Chromecast series of devices. Read More

Revamped Google TV Coming Soon

google tv appsA revamped version of Google TV may be coming soon, and according to a source, Google plans to preview it at this year’s annual Google I/O conference. The present version of the Google TV is flawed, and the product does not feel polished. According to BusinessInsider, the update will increase performance, provide a better user experience, and add support for native Apps (game changer).
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