Google Ads to be Banned in Russia over “Fake News” Charges

Google Ads logo
Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

On Thursday, the Russian state communications watchdog stated that it will be banning tech giant Google from advertising its services in the country. The charges levied against Google involve its subsidiary video sharing platform, YouTube. YouTube has allegedly been spreading “fake news” regarding Russia’s military campaign in Ukraine. The Russian government has been blocking access to non-state media and information resources. Google services and ads will likely face the ban next.

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Google Search and Google News Updates to Help Users Avoid Fake News

Google Search Engine open on Google Chrome on a Laptop.
Image Source: Google

Google has been active in its efforts to curb the influence of fake news. It has been almost a year since the company took significant steps to limit fake news from spreading. Google had introduced a feature that warned users when they came across unreliable search results. The tech giant has now added information literacy tips to its roster of ways to curtail fake news. However, as of now, this feature only works in the U.S.

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Google Search For Desktop Now Gets Dark Mode

We all know about Dark Mode in our phones and on different apps that we use. Now, it has come up that Google will be getting a new Dark Mode on desktop. With this, it will be easier for the users to use the website at night. The Dark Mode of the website will be using a minimum contrast ratio for readability which will help in reducing eye strain. Just like as in smartphone apps, in the Dark Mode of the Google Search on desktop too users will be able to change between the three modes.

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Google Made It Easier For Students To Study And Get A Better Understanding Of Subjects

A new update has come out by Google on Wednesday. This update is specifically for the students and will help students get a better learning experience.

The first and foremost trait of this update is that over 2000 STEM (Science, technology, engineering, and maths has been added and given quick access. Going by this update if a student or user searches for any of the concepts of science or maths such as “covalent bonds”, they will be receiving huge amounts of educational overviews, useful examples, and helpful videos from all across. Read More

Google Is Bringing Jurassic World To Your Home With AR Dinosaurs

Google added Augmented Reality objects to Google Search after announcing the feature at its I/O conference in 2019. Since then, Google has been adding on to the list of 3D animals that one can view in search using AR. You can view Lion, Tiger, Dog, Cat, Shark and other animals right in your living room. Google has updated the list and added 10 new dinosaur options from Jurassic World. Google has collaborated with Universe Brand Development, Amblin Entertainment and Ludia Games, the studio behind the Jurassic World Alive game to bring to you this fun and interactive feature along with gaining knowledge about the dinosaur.

The dinosaurs viewable in AR include Tyrannosaurus Rex, Velociraptor, Triceratops, Spinosaurus, Stegosaurus, Brachiosaurus, Ankylosaurus, Dilophosaurus, Pteranodon, and Parasaurolophus. These 3D-modelled animated figures make the right sound when the volume is turned up. Since these animals have a massive size, the auto-scale feature of your smartphone will detect the distance between your phone and the space of your surriunding and resize the animal so it fits in your phone screen. Additionally, you can also record the animated figure and make your own AR video.  Read More

Google Makes It Easier To Search For Movies And TV Shows

Google has made its search engine easier for people who are constantly searching for cool and exciting movies and TV Shows to watch. Today, the company will be personalizing the search results for its users when they want to watch movies based on their mood and will also suggest them various sources and online video platforms where the content can be viewed. Read More

Google Search On The Web Gets New Icons

Google has refreshed the design of its Google Search bar on desktop web with the Material Theme design. You can now see new icons for every section of the Google Search – All, Books, News, Maps, Images and others. And these icons are colorful and visually appealing and gives a nice classic feel while searching the web. Read MoreReviewsCollect Ad

Google Podcasts Can Now Be Directly Played From Google Search

Google is now extending its Podcasts services from Android to the web on iOS and desktop. This does not include a separate App for these platforms but the users can listen to any desired podcast directly from the Google Search. They just have to search for a podcast via Google search on the web and they will see a list of all the episodes that can be heard instantly. Read More