Google Play Introduces an ‘Offers’ Tab to Display Games and Apps Deals

illustration of hand holding smartphone featuring Google Play Store Offers Tab.

Google has recently announced the introduction of a new feature to the Google Play Store. This feature comes in the form of the addition of a new tab to the app. The Google Play Store “Offers” tab is designed to assist users in finding good deals on games and apps. The company has stated that the tab will feature deals across various categories. These include travel, shopping, fitness, media, and entertainment apps. Even though Google already shows users the different kinds of offers throughout the Play Store, this new tab will now aggregate those offers into one place. The Google Play Offers tab will be rolling out over the upcoming weeks. This update will first be available to users in the United States, Indonesia, and India. Google intends to expand the launch of this new tab to more countries later in 2022. 

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Google Play Pass Launches Outside The US With New Apps And Subscription Plan

Google Play Pass launched in 2019 in the US, allowing subscribers to access to hundreds of select Android apps and games without ads and in-app purchases for a monthly fee. With the latest update, Google is expanding the subscription-based game store by entering into new markets, adding more titles and a new subscription plan. The Android alternative to Apple’s game store Apple Arcade, will now be available to users in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, New Zealand, Spain, and the UK, this week. Read More

How To Transfer Google Play Music To YouTube Music


The ultimate soul food for humans is Music and when it amounts up to Google Music its double the fun! Google Play Music has been closed somewhere by Google and the clients are being moved to YouTube Music which is another of Google’s Music applications. Anyhow, if you were a Google Play Music lover,  you must be looking for an alternative.

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You Can Grab A Play Store Subscription Pass Soon

According to the new code on the Play Store App, we could be looking at a monthly pass for Google Play Store that will allow users to pay a monthly fee and get access to all the paid Apps and games on the Store. Google has not officially made any announcement on this but we can clearly see the ‘Play Pass’ mentioned in the image which was shared by a developer named Kieron Quinn on xda-developers, who had discovered the detail about the subscription back in June. Read More

Google Play Store In A New Avatar


With a change in the search algorithm, Google Play Store have just piqued the interest of the consumers. Well according to the new setup, Google Play Store will bifurcate, better apps from the not so better ones. There are over 3 million apps on the Google Play Store and it is very difficult for a user to find an app, which is really useful and far better than the other, or maybe the app which a user likes. Read More

20% Of All iOS Apps Are Abandoned


According to a new Localytics study, one in every five Apps a user installs is opened just once and then abandoned or deleted. While this may seem to be bad news, especially for developers, that is not the case. It is actually an improvement from 2010 when a study concluded that 26% (more than one in four) of Apps were abandoned after a single use.
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Google Play Music All Access Coming Soon To iOS

Sunder Pichai

Google always makes its Apps available across various platforms and today, Google’s SVP Sundar Pichai has confirmed at the D11 conference that the Google Play Music App will soon be available for iOS. At D11, he said “In Google’s fundamental DNA, we want [our services] to be universally accessible… For us, users on iOS who want to use Google services, we want them to be Google users.” Read More

60K Low Quality Apps Dropped from Google Play

Google PlayGoogle just dropped an estimated 60,000 low quality, and potentially malware carrying apps from the Google Play store. It is estimated by many and openly stated by Google that their store contains around 700,000 apps. The reason for most of the deletions is that the content directly violates some of Google Play’s Terms of Service. The most affected apps are those in the mp3/ringtone category, some of the deletions are due to the fact that some of these apps violate their terms of service regarding music but most are taken down for quality purposes. Some of the deletions also include apps that violate their spamming and ranking terms of service. Shown here is the section of the terms of service that removed apps violated. Read More

How To Get Google Play Store On Your Android Device

google playAs we just reported, The Android Market and Google’s entertainment services have been made to fit under a single brand, Google Play. The transition has started to take place and you should have the Google Play services on your Android devices soon. To update from your Android Market to the Google Play Store, here are the steps you need to follow (you need to be connected to the internet). Read More