No More Spam Apps Will Fill The Google Play Store

The App Store is filled with spam Apps, Apps having the same name, and also Apps with emojis in their names. At the time, there are many clone Apps of popular apps. This confuses the Android users when they go to download an App and they come across the clone ones, thus making it difficult for them to understand which the real one is. Now, Google Play Store has decided to bring some changes to its naming policy to stop all these, and these changes will be functioning in the second half of 2021, the company said.

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Here’s All That You Need To Know About Google’s Play Store Fee Reduction

Google has decided to half the percentage it takes from its app developers on the sale of the apps in the Google play store. A similar move was taken by Apple last year.
Google said that they are reducing the fees to 15% from 30% for the first $1 million in revenue on sales of apps and in-app-purchases each year. After the first $1 million, developers will pay the typical 30% fee.
Though Apple made a similar move last year, this program from Google is different. The difference lies in the fact that Apple gives this reduction in fees to smaller developers only. Smaller developers refer to those developers who made around $1 million last year. Read More

Here’s How Successful Google Go Is

It was reported in November 2019 that GoogleGo passed 100 million downloads on the play store. This success was achieved due to two main reasons. The first one being that the app was pre-installed on Android Go devices and the second reason being that the app helps users all around the world to limit their data consumption, thanks to its data-saving approach. Its success all around the world is confirmed by the fact that it has just passed 500 million installations on the Play Store. Read More

Google Removes Personal Loan Apps In India, Owing to Safety Concerns

In a bid to protect its customers, Google today removed some personal loan applications from its Play Store from the Internet search engine, from where a vast majority of Indians download phone apps. It checked the products released by government agencies on the basis of user inputs and notifications and also issued notices to several others in the same industry. Read MoreReviewsCollect Ad

Google And Apple Eliminate Parler From App Store

Google eliminated Parler from its Play Store, and Apple undermined a comparable activity after the online media administration was among those used to put together the uproars this week at the Capitol in Washington. Parler Chief Executive John Matze, in the interim, claims that guidelines set for them don’t have any significant bearing on other people. Read More