Google Ads to be Banned in Russia over “Fake News” Charges

Google Ads logo
Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

On Thursday, the Russian state communications watchdog stated that it will be banning tech giant Google from advertising its services in the country. The charges levied against Google involve its subsidiary video sharing platform, YouTube. YouTube has allegedly been spreading “fake news” regarding Russia’s military campaign in Ukraine. The Russian government has been blocking access to non-state media and information resources. Google services and ads will likely face the ban next.

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Google Search and Google News Updates to Help Users Avoid Fake News

Google Search Engine open on Google Chrome on a Laptop.
Image Source: Google

Google has been active in its efforts to curb the influence of fake news. It has been almost a year since the company took significant steps to limit fake news from spreading. Google had introduced a feature that warned users when they came across unreliable search results. The tech giant has now added information literacy tips to its roster of ways to curtail fake news. However, as of now, this feature only works in the U.S.

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‘Dogfood’ Build of Google News To Roll Out Via Play Store

On opening the Google News App, users are seeing a notice that they’re using a confidential “dogfood” build of the App.

A never-seen-before update of Google News was rolled out to Android users via the Google Play Store. It seemed like Google accidentally released a “dogfood” build, complete with confidentiality notices and a tweaked icon featuring a paw print. Read More

Google Assistant Now Supports Audio News Feed Driven By AI

Google is developing the AI technology at a fast pace and is starting to use it with the Google Assistant in more than one way. As the mobile technology is moving more and more towards AI now, Google has added a new feature to Google Assistant to give you personalised audio news feeds that is largely driven by Artificial Intelligence. Read More