Google Maps Highlight Nearby Take-Out Restaurants And Delivery

Google-MapsAs per the latest updates, in order to make it easier for users to find restaurants offering delivery and take-out services in their areas, Google Maps have now added an easy-to-see button which is placed at the top of Google Maps in iPhones and Androids. This is a boon to the users as this feature points and lists the details of all the eateries which are offering delivery and take-out services in their area, in turn, making life easier for its users even during the ongoing pandemic situation. Read More

Google Maps Is Testing ‘Off-Route’ Feature For Indian Taxis

Google Maps is on a serious role these days where they have been adding new features frequently to enhance the user experience. Now, they are testing a new feature called off-route which is basically aimed at helping people who use taxis in India. So this feature will let these people know instantly if their taxi is off course from the given route while not informing the taxi driver about it. Read More

Google Maps Now Allows Users To Check Popular Menus

Google Maps is slowly evolving into a very handy app for users who don’t want to switch between Apps while navigating. Gone are the days when all you could do is navigate and search for routes to your destination on Maps. The company has now introduced a new feature where it shows all the popular dishes from restaurants directly on Maps. Read More

Google Maps Rolls Out AR Navigation For Select Users

Google has started launching its Augmented Reality feature on Google Maps, which is being currently tested by a few number of users in the US. The AR feature will allow users to see a mix of camera imagery and animations that will show on the Maps screen such as arrows, landmarks, animated creatures. This way you can know how to reach your destination while also knowing what’s around you on the phone screen. Read More