Google Brings Fuel Efficient Routing Model In Google Maps

Google has been introducing back-to-back features on its apps. This time around Google Maps is getting new features that will allow users to make environmentally friendly choices while traveling. The new update to Google Maps is the eco-friendly routing which will show the users the most fuel-efficient route plus the fastest route. This will allow the users to choose the route that is best for them. Google announced this feature through a blog post wherein they said that the new routing model will not only get the users to the destination as soon as possible but will also optimize for lower fuel consumption. Also, it will show the relative difference in fuel savings and the estimated time of arrival (ETA) to the users. Now if the ETA for the fastest and most fuel-efficient route is the same then Google Maps will go for the latter to reduce carbon emissions.

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Google Maps adds Bicycling as Mode of Transportation

Almost everyone uses Google Maps to get directions. There is an option to choose whether you are traveling by car, public transit or walking to the destination. By choosing a particular mode of transportation it would then give you the directions and the estimated time. Now even Bicycle has been added to the list.

Thus for all bike lovers, now Google Maps is Bike Friendly. Though it doesn’t seem to work everywhere, but mostly does in and around San Francisco. I wanted to head from Golden Gate Bridge to the Golden Gate Park, so I selected Bicycling and it gave me the directions and even an estimated time.

It is currently in BETA and Google is asking user feedback on the directions listed and any unmapped bike routes that is not suited for cycling.

UPDATE : Google posted a video of how bicycle directions work.

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