Colorful UI And New Settings Brought To Google Assistant

Google Assistant has been getting updates back to back for the past few months. The latest news to be heard is that Google Assistant will be getting a new settings menu which will be called ‘Your Apps’. This new setting will let the user choose from two options which allow the user to customize how Google Assistant communicates with every app. The ‘Your Apps’ option will be available in the settings list. Along with this, as per reports, Google will also be launching a new and colorful UI. The color is likely to change itself based on the kind of mode the user has kept the phone in-for example light mode or dark mode.

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Google Brings New Way To Call Its Virtual Assistant

Google already has a lot of ways by which you can call its virtual assistant. One of the ways is to simply say “OK Google”. Also, if you press the home button for a long time the virtual assistant will be awakened. Other ways include swiping in from the bottom corners of the home screen, in the case of some Pixel phones if you squeeze the sides of the phone, you can call the assistant.

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Google Assistant To Get Its Pronunciation Right

With more and more new features, Google Assistant has been a lot in news lately. Another new feature that is going to make an entry is that now you can make your Assistant recognize and pronounce your name properly. Also, the Assistant has been updated so that it can respond 100% perfectly to alarms and timer tasks. Also, it will be answering your questions more aptly as per your search habits.

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Google Assistant Can Now Track Lost iPhones

Google has been adding some new features to its digital assistant recently. The latest feature is that Apple users can now be able to track their lost iPhones using the Google assistant.

This feature was available for android users for a long time. Users could easily set off a sound if they lost their phones. According to a report from MacRumors, something similar to Apple’s own Find My system is coming to the iPhone.

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You Can Now Order From Walmart Via Google Assistant

Google has integrated Walmart into its Assistant and starting today, users can add items to the shopping lists and get the items delivered from this retail store conveniently. The best part about this features is that the Assistant will learn everything about you from you past purchases and then add items based on your choice of brands and preferences. Read MoreReviewsCollect Ad