Genius By Rap Genius — All Your Songs Laid Bare

GeniusHave you ever tried to sing along with Eminem but couldn’t keep up with the rap because you weren’t sure of the lyrics? Or perhaps you love the song Yellow by Coldplay but don’t know why it’s called “Yellow” and what yellow really has to do with it. What you need is the App Genius by Rap Genius — a new addition to the App Store. With Genius you never again need to be confused about the lyrics or the meaning of a song. Read More

How To Create Playlist On iPhone Using Playlist And Genius

20130808-043334.jpgWith the latest iOS upgrades it’s become possible to create playlist on iPhone without first creating one on iTunes and then syncing to your phone. And no, you don’t need to use the “On the go” feature. You can now make a playlist wherever you are, directly on your iPhone. There are two ways to create playlist on iPhone:

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Genius Now Enabled for iPad Apps [Screenshot Tour]

Apple has just turned on it’s popular Genius feature in the App store on iPad. Genius browses through all your Apps and sends your data to Apple. Apple then responds back suggesting a few interesting apps based on the applications already on your iPad that go great together. The feature has been for long on iPod touches and iPhones, but Apple has enabled it on iPad too.

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