Apple ML Exec Who Quit Over In-Person Work Policy Joins DeepMind

According to a Bloomberg report, former Apple executive, Ian Goodfellow, is joining Alphabet’s DeepMind. Goodfellow, who quit over Apple’s new in-person work policy, used to oversee machine learning. In 2013, he started at Google as a software engineering intern. He was a senior research scientist at Google Brain upon leaving in March of 2016. Following a year at Open AI, Goodfellow returned to Google for two years. Goodfellow is one of the foremost machine learning researchers, and this move is being seen as a win for Alphabet. He is known as the inventor of generative adversarial networks (GANs). GANs have several varied uses, including the production of photorealistic deep fakes. When it comes to AI and ML, hiring is extremely competitive. Goodfellow’s move may have been influenced by the fact that Alphabet is known to have relatively laxer in-person policies than Apple.

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