Google Introduces Android Earthquake Alert System Along With New Features Of Android Auto And More

We already told you about some of the features that Google has announced. Here you bring before you some more features that have been announced by Google. These include the Android Earthquake alert system, Emoji Kitchen recommendations, and new features of Android Auto. Here are the details.

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Google Launches New Keyboard For Its Smartwatches

As per headlines, Google has finally launched its Gboard for its WearOS and they have promised that this one will be better than the already existing one.

WearOS has always been the most neglected part of Google’s software part. Neither does it get new developments, nor new features. As per Mashable, the WearOS is so neglected that it feels like it’s just there for Google to mention it in their slides when the topic comes to wearables.

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Gboard Working On “Hands-Free” Voice Typing Feature

At Google IO developer’s conference held last year, the tech giant displayed speech transcription on Pixel work on-devices and in real-time. This version of the Gboard app is now being upgraded by adding a “hands-free” voice typing feature which is more helpful than speech-to-text and includes a more extensive “Google Assistant integration” as reported by 9to5Google.

When the new feature is launched, the users will be able to tap the mic to chat hands-free. The microphone in the Gboard app is reported to stay in the same position on the right but with the addition of a new interface which will display a note saying “Speak now to type hands-free.” Read More

Gboard Adds New Dialects, Now Supports Around 500 languages

Google’s keyboard ‘Gboard‘ started out with just 100 languages back in 2016 and in just a span of 2 years, it has reached a figure of 500 languages which is simply incredible. Google revealed these figures in a blog post and said that Gboard now also include some rare dialects like Nigerian Pidgin, Rangpuri, Balinese, and Pontic Greek and also around 40 new writing systems such as Cyrillic and Roman alphabets. Read More