Top 5 Netflix Alternative Apps For iPhone And Android

We all know that Netflix is a fantastic App for streaming movies and TV shows. That being said, there are many people who can’t afford paying the monthly subscription and they search for cheaper or free Netflix alternatives Apps. If you are one of those people, we have good news for you as there are other free Apps that you can use right away to stream all the latest content. Here’s a list of the five best Netflix alternative Apps for iPhone and Android: Read More

Instapaper Apple’s App of the Week, Goes Free

instapaperOne of the most popular ‘Read-it-later’ App, Instapaper, has just gone free, as it was named Apple’s App of the Week.

This is the first time the popular App has ever gone free, since it’s release back in 2010.

Instapaper lets you save Internet articles to be viewed at a later time, getting rid of all extra stuff, such as ads, photos etc., and lets you save up to 500 articles for offline viewing, for times when you do not have an Internet connection. Read More

Crazy Kangaroo for iOS Goes Free

Crazy Kangaroo, the game coming from the creators of the highly popular Doodle Fit and Monster Shooter, is now available for free on the App Store courtesy of The game requires you to control the cute crazy Kangaroo, Barney by tilting the device sideways and upside down to help the kangaroo reach his home safely. Avoid distractions along the way, navigate safely and you will soon get the hang of it. The game features stunning graphics to which very close attention has been paid. Read More

Collect Berries And Make Jam In Panda Sweet Tooth for iOS

Panda Sweet Tooth is a fun and exciting new game for iOS in which you need to run and collect berries to make jam while staying fit. The App is one of its kind and is defining a whole new category. When you first play the game, it feels like the classic Mario type running game with a panda instead, but it is way more than that. Read More

Munch Time Is A Very Exciting Game And Is Free Now

Munch Time is a very exciting game for iOS in which your objective is to feed the munchy little cute chameleon. With the help of its long and sticky tongue, you need to catch hold of flowers and jump across several obstacles to help reach Munch to its lunch. The graphics of Munch Time are very well-tailored for a unique experience and with so many different levels available, Munch Time is sure to keep you engaged for quite some time. Read More