Google Search and Google News Updates to Help Users Avoid Fake News

Google Search Engine open on Google Chrome on a Laptop.
Image Source: Google

Google has been active in its efforts to curb the influence of fake news. It has been almost a year since the company took significant steps to limit fake news from spreading. Google had introduced a feature that warned users when they came across unreliable search results. The tech giant has now added information literacy tips to its roster of ways to curtail fake news. However, as of now, this feature only works in the U.S.

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Google Brings This New Feature To Warn Users About Fake News

Fake news has become a major problem of the internet nowadays. It affects big tech giants like Twitter, Facebook, and Google too much. All of them are somehow trying to bring in ways to alert the users about fake news. Twitter achieves this by labeling tweets as “manipulated media”. Facebook also brought its tools but that isn’t of much use either. Now, Google has brought forth a new feature in its Search to alert users about fake news.

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Instagram Rolls Out New Tools To Tackle Misinformation

Facebook had introduced a new set of tools to combat fake news and misinformation on their platform recently after being accused for allowing users to easily share this type of misleading news with everyone openly. Now the company has added these set of tools to Instagram where it will prevent users from posting stuff that is being reported by several users. Read More