Instagram And Facebook Messenger Roll Out “Vanish Mode”

Facebook Messenger and Instagram now let users have the option to auto-delete messages right after the user exits the mode on either of the phone apps. Facebook has coined the term “Vanish mode” for the new feature, which wipes out messages instantly after users exit the chat, thus encouraging users to have more intimate and in-the-moment conversations without any fear. Read More

Messenger And Instagram Chats Now Officially Merged

Instagram and Facebook Messenger have now officially merged their chats, in the implementation of the next phase of the company’s planned unified messaging service for Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp.

The New York Times is reporting that Facebook plans to combine messaging services across its applications, merging chats from WhatsApp, Instagram and Messenger.

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Facebook Updates Messenger With Design Changes

Facebook has taken the path of many other Apps and has streamlined the interface of the Messenger App. The update has started rolling out for all Android and iOS users. the new version of the App is called ‘Messenger 4’ and comes with a very simplified user interface and design after taking the feedback of users into consideration. Read More