Upcoming Google Devices Might Use an Exynos Chip

Tensor, which is the first smartphone processor by Google, is based on an Exynos processor. Both in the Pixel 6 as well as the Pixel 6 Pro, this chip is used. Now recent reports are suggesting that the tech giant may choose to repeat the same strategy with the chipset for one of its new, upcoming devices. Based on a report by 9ToGoogle, the ‘Rohan’ codename has been referred to several times. Moreover, in the code of Wear OS 3,repeated mentions of an Exynos chipset were found. Rohan has been reported as the codename for Google’s upcoming smartwatch under the Pixel label. This will also provide users with the needs updated experience of the latest iteration of the Google Assistant.

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Exynos SoC Powered Pixel Watch may have on-device Google Assistant

With 2021 nearing its end, even more evidence about Google’s much speculated about Pixel Watch keeps accumulating. Earlier in December, marketing images of the Google Pixel Watch were leaked. These images showed that the Google Pixel Watch had a low-profile touch screen. It has a suitable round watch body for the rounded edge that goes all the way around.

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