Extension of the Week – Google Share Button

We all love reading web-pages, news, articles and stories on the internet. When we visit a particular website which we really like, we want to share it with our friends and colleagues. Social-Media services have catered to this need and have made our lives so easy. Google Share Button allows you to share web pages which you love, with just a single click.

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Extension of the Week – Incredible StartPage

Google Chrome is an incredible browser with enormous capabilities. Extensions further extend its functions and make it a better browser.

Though it is a powerful browser, it still lacks in features. Chrome arranges your most viewed sites in order with a screen-shot of the site along with the name written below, which is quite boring and dull.

Today’s extension serves to that purpose and would enhance your Chrome Start page. Incredible StartPage completely changes the way your start page appears. It puts up a notes area to the left which allows you to take quick notes and send them to your friends via Gmail or even upload them to Google Calendar.

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Extension of the Week – Picnik

Picnik is an online picture editing tool which allows you to tweak an image to your hearts content, all on the web. Recently, Picnik was acquired by Google and since then the Google team is working along with the Picnik team. Picnik even has a Google Chrome extension which works extremely well.

The Picnik extension works on just about any page with images. Suppose you go to TheAppleGoogle’s homepage and tap on the Picnik icon, Picnik would pop up and display all the images located on the page. You could now select an image and command Picnik to head over to the Picnik editing page. Picnik would quickly open up its editing page with the image you selected ready to be edited.

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Extension of the Week – Untiny

Every week we highlight an extension which would enhance your experience with Google Chrome. This week’s extension is Untiny. A very handy application for everyone. Tersely done and beautifully put, this extension is to the purpose and very useful.

With the help of this you could quickly and efficiently change a shortened URL to its normal form. You just need to put the shortened URL and hit the Extract button and it would immediately reveal the shortened URL’s destination. Shortened URL’s are sometimes a pain and could lead you to malicious websites which could infect your computer, especially if you are on a PC.

Getting a sneak peak of the complete URL would help you further make your decision. Though the Chrome version is not feature rich, compared to the Firefox version, it works good. It supports almost all major URL shortening services. Go ahead and Grab it.

Extension of the Week – Google Mail Checker

Google Mail Checker is a neat little extension for Google Chrome. It lacks features but fulfills its purpose well. It displays the number of unread mails in your Gmail Account. To start using Google Mail Checker, you need to log into your Google Account from your browser. After logging in, the extension automatically detects that you are logged in. The Gmail icon becomes bright and ready for use.

The icon spins and displays the number of unread emails in your account. It is compatible with Google Apps for Domain which makes it flawless. Well, flawless doesn’t seem to be the right word for it. It does have a few setbacks. It does not have its own login system and does not automatically log you in when Chrome is fired up. Occasionally, it does not show up a notification as soon as the mail hits your inbox. It takes a quite a few seconds. You could not have a pop up preview of your mail which takes it a few steps backward.

A good thing about this extension is that, clicking on it pops up your mail on a different tab rather than the one you are currently using. If you are not logged into your account, the icon would turn grey and would display a question mark .When you receive a new mail, the icon spins and puts up a notification. When all is said and done, it is a very handy, nifty little tool which always keeps you connected with your mail. Google Mail Checker Plus is also available which removes some of the flaws mentioned above.