Allow Your Music to Wake You Up With KitSound’s XDock (REVIEW)

XDock buttonsIf you’re one of those people who requires an alarm to wake up in the morning, KitSound have you completely covered with their XDock. This sleek and compact product will more than compliment your nightstand, due to its aesthetically perfect and integral design. With the inclusion of a dock for your iPhone or iPod you will be able to set your XDock to wake you up in the morning with one of your favorite, or not so favorite songs, whilst giving your phone a full charge. In addition to this you can use this docking station to play your tunes for leisure, both from mains and battery power (batteries are not included). An FM radio transmitter is also included within this docking station, which you can also be woken up to in the morning. Read More

iPad 2 Has New Dock

ipad 2 dock

The accessories that Apple has to offer for iPad 2 are extremely useful and exciting. The dock that is used to hold your iPad in an upright position using the 30-pin connector has been updated, and this new one looks a whole lot cooler. It is now sleeker and gives you the perfect angle to type.

Simply adjust your iPad, and it will stay in an upright position. You can also get access to an audio line out to listen to music while your iPad is in the dock, or sync the iPad using the 30-pin connector on the rear end. iPad 2 Dock also supports other iPad accessories, such as the Apple Digital AV Adapter and the iPad Camera Connection Kit.

You can get the new dock for $29.00.

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Iomega’s iPhone Data Backup and Charging Dock

iomega superhero

Iomega’s new SuperHero is an iPhone/iPod touch dock with a built in 4GB SD card that helps you back up your precious photos and contacts from your iPhone. If you can’t sync your phone with iTunes regularly, this dock can be extremely helpful as it would backup all your pictures and contacts to a built in SD card and even charge your device.

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