Telegram Makes It Possible To Add People Without Phone Number

A new feature is rolling out to Telegram users on Android and iOS which makes it very easy to add people nearby you without asking for their contact number. This will possibly be useful for those who are attending festivals or meetings and want to quickly add new people with the new ‘Add People Nearby’ option under the Contacts tab. Read More

Contacts+ for Android — Your Contacts On Steroids (review)


What if there was an App that would become the hub of your Facebook, Gmail, Twitter and other social network contacts, storing it in one unified place without the need for you to switch Apps? And what if it also had a combined dialer along with it? You are in luck, as Contacts+ is an App that performs exactly as mentioned, but at the cost of some extra space on your phone. Here’s our take on the App. Read More

Block Frustrating Numbers With VIPaList for iPhone (Review)

vipalistReceiving a lot of unwanted and unknown wrong numbers? Do you wish to throw your phone at the wall during work when you receive such a call?  Now, with VIPaList, you don’t need to throw your phone away or be irritated. Developed by Femi Olu, VIPaList provides an intelligent and quick way to block those unwanted wrong number with just a tap. Read More

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How To Backup iPhone Contacts With iCloud and iTunes

contactsIf you lose your iPhone or have to revert to factory settings because of an issue then you lose everything installed on it. Music and Apps are recoverable from iTunes and AppStore. But what about Contacts which can be lost forever? To avoid such a situation it is good practice to backup iPhone Contacts every so often. Read More