DuckDuckGo Alerts Users About The New Tracking Feature Of Google Chrome

In a blog post recently DuckDuckGo has alerted the users of Google Chrome about the new tracking method of Chrome. They mentioned that many users have unknowingly entered into Google’s new tracking method. This method is known as Federated Learning of Cohorts (FLoC). As per the blog, FLoC creates groups of users based on their interests and demographics. These are obtained from the search history of the users. By this, the company can aim for unwanted, creepy advertising as well as content without third-party cookies.

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Live Caption Feature To Be Added On The Chrome Browser On Desktop

India’s biggest search engine Google has very recently decided to make a new addition to its Chrome Browser. This is feature will render audio playing in real-time. This new feature will be known as ‘Live Captions’. This is present on Pixel and Galaxy smartphones for some time now. But the company has now decided to make it available to the Chrome browser on the desktop. Read More

DuckDuckGo Targets Google Claiming That They Collect User’s Data

Google has started updating many of its iOS applications little by little with App Store privacy labels. This means that while updating the applications they are mentioning the type of data that it collects from its users. Recently the Google and Chrome applications were updated using these privacy labels. DuckDuckGo has already started using this for its benefit. Read More

Case Filed Against Google For Collecting User’s Data While Using ‘Incognito’

Google failed to dismiss a case against it which alleged that it digs up tons of internet data, without the knowledge of the users even when the users are using the “Incognito” mode so that their browsing and search activity remain private.

The ones who had filed this case alleged that even if their data collection option is switched off in chrome, Google uses other different types of tools in different websites which leads to collecting their personal information. The Alphabet Inc. unit had previously requested to close the case but a federal judge on Friday ruled out the request. Read MoreReviewsCollect Ad

Users Can Now Set Gmail As Their Default Mail App On iOS 14

Google will now let users set Gmail as the default mail App on their iPhones and iPad. Before that, Google had rolled out a bunch of updates to support the latest version of Apple’s mobile operating system.

Version 6.0.200825 of Gmail for iOS is now available on the App Store. You will see an in-app prompt to set the App as the default iOS mail client. Otherwise, you can manually visit Settings>Gmail. In case you delete your iOS Mail App, Gmail (or any other third-party app installed) will be automatically set as the default mail App. Read More

Google Unveils An “Ads Transparency Spotlight” Extension For Chrome

Google will offer the most advanced tools to equip users with added information about the ads that they see, continuing with its attempts to become more transparent and expand privacy choices. Adding to its pre-existing feature of ‘Why this ad?’ the company is launching a new tool named ‘About this ad’, which will show users the verified name of the sponsor. Read More

Chrome For Android Is Shifting To 64-bit For Performance Optimization

Google announced in December 2017 that Google Play Store will require new apps and app updates to provide with 64-bit versions in addition to their 32-bit versions to ensure apps are built on latest APIs optimized for security and performance. Almost all Android devices can run 64-bit apps. Now, the 64-bit Chrome for Android is imminent. But, the app only supports Android devices running at least Android 10. Older devices that do not support Android 10 will keep running the 32-bit version of the web browser. If you visit chrome://version on the Chrome Stable (version 83) and Chrome Beta (version 84) for Android, you will notice they are listed as 32-bit applications. However, Chrome Dev (version 85) and Chrome Canary, (version 86) show 64-bit. So, it is certain that the next versions of the browser will switch to 64-bit.  Read More

Google Search Dark Mode To Show Up On Chrome App

The all new dark mode has become very popular across all Apps. The entire screen becomes dark and the options shine out instead of the normal white background. Many users actually prefer the dark mode over the normal mode. Facebook also recently introduced the “Dark Mode” for the web version on and customers greeted it with joy. Google is now planning to introduce the dark mode for the Chrome web browser App. Read More