Amidst Unionization Efforts, Apple to Improve Working Conditions for Retail Employees

In an attempt to improve working conditions, tech giant Apple plans on making employee schedules at retail locations more flexible, according to reports. Employees in certain Apple stores have been working toward unionization, and Apple’s introduction of these better working conditions might be seen in the light of that information. The Cupertino tech giant will ensure that there are at least 12 hours between each shift that an employee must take on going forward. This is a 2-hour increase from the current minimum of 10 hours. Unless employees choose to work late shifts, they will not be required to work past 8:00 PM for more than three days a week.

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Apple Stops Repairing iPhone Devices Marked as Missing or Stolen

pictured, six iPhone 13 Pro devices. Apple no longer torepair iPhone devices reported as missing or stolen.

Cupertino-based tech giant Apple has introduced a new policy regarding repairing devices. If an iPhone has its status as missing or stolen in the GSMA device registry, Apple Stores and authorized Apple service centers will no longer repair them. Technicians will deny repair service to missing and stolen devices going forward.

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Apple Stores in New York City Limit Services to Online Pickups

Apple Store NYC, Fifth Avenue, New York City
Apple Store, Fifth Avenue

Due to concern over the rising number of Covid-19 cases, Apple has decided to close all major New York City Apple stores. This includes the retail stores at the locations of Fifth Avenue, Grand Central, SoHo, and World Trade Center. While customers will no longer be able to buy in person for the duration of closure, online pickups are still being offered.

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$1,000 Bonuses Will Be Given To Apple Store Employees

On Wednesday, Bloomberg News reported that Apple will be paying one-time bonuses of around $1,000 to its store employees. This news has come from sources closely related to the issue. The report further explained that all the retail staff who have been hired before March 31 will receive a bonus of $1,000 and the ones joined after that will receive a bonus of $500.

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Google Maps For Apple Watch Back On The Apple Store

Following the latest update, Google Maps will now be available on the Apple Store after leaving the platform in 2017. Google had announced that it was coming back to watchOS last month and looks like the company has kept its promise.

Google Maps provides step-by-step navigation, as well as estimated time of arrival – just like on Android – on the Apple Watch. The App’s primary screen shows the “Current Trip”. The list of “Travel Times” is shown below that includes your Home, Work, and other saved shortcuts or destinations. Read More

Apple Marina Bay Sands To Soon Open Its Doors

Apple Marina Bay Sands is scheduled to open this Thursday, September 10 at 10 am. Apple removed the temporary decorations on the store’s glass dome to reveal the actual appearance of Singapore’s own beauty.

Following the Apple Orchard Road and Apple Jewel Changi Airport, Apple Marina Bay Sands is going to be Apple’s third and the most unique store. Read More