Apple Rises To Be A $2 Trillion Company During Pandemic

At the beginning of 2020, Apple seemed to be caught in a terrible dilemma. The primary spread of the novel coronavirus locked down the companies in China that assemble its iPhones. It also closed its retail markets in a country. Things looked even more depressing in March following the global pandemic which pushed the U.S. economy into the deepest downturn since the Great Depression about a century ago.

Apple has succeeded to sparkle amid the darkness by becoming the first U.S. company to possess a market worth of nearly $2 trillion, only two years after it reached the $1 trillion mark increasing the stock by around 50% this year. Read More

Apple Holds 39% of the US Smartphone Market: Another Victory for Apple

iphoneDespite the recent news of Apple’s probable fall due to the lowered value of Apple stocks as well as news that the company is being overtaken by Android based smartphones in the world market, Apple still holds its ground in the US. According to ComScore, Apple holds 39% of the US smartphone market showing that despite the issues that plagued the company the past few months, it is still going strong. Read More

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Future Check for Apple on the Rungs of Performance Recognition

If  “Think Differently” was the mission of Apple and the mandate of Steve from his Board, it is a job well done by him and his organization. Apple is undoubtedly the recognized leader of innovative technologies in the mobile devices space and Steve, the crowned king. What Sony did to the world with the Walkman sometime back, has been done today by Apple. The world is at Apple’s feet and is asking for an encore.

Business, however, recognizes innovation only if it is commercialized in form of a new product. A new product is given accolades and aplomb, only if it captures the market. The market share has the winning streak, if the margins are good. And the investors would be happy and recognize the performance of the business if the profits get translated into an impressive market capitalization.

Having released the iPhone and the iPad, Apple has convincingly moved up the ladder of performance recognition by a rung. In terms of the market share, which is the second rung, the facts need a scrutiny.

Thus, for the mobile devices space, its iPhone market share has to be compared with that of Nokia, RIM and others. If the frame of reference are the smart phones and if its market share increases steadily over Nokia and Blackberry, Motorola, HTC, Samsung, LG and others, then it will have the going good for itself.

And for the iPad, which is supposed to change the game, just in the same way as the iPod did to Sony’s Walkman, it would have to replace the laptop and the net books. In doing so, it will capture the business from Intel and Microsoft too.

We are witnessing an increase in the sale of iPhones and from the zero base the iPad is also expected to stoop to conquer. But perhaps the time has come for Apple to look at the complete market space and not only at the niche markets to establish its overall dominance. There is so much money to be earned from the complete market rather than only through the niche ones. If making money too for the investors by a larger measure from the entire market space is Apple’s aspiration, then it is time for it to think differently.