Apple Reportedly Launching Self Driving Electric Car Soon

Representative image of car with apple logo. Apple reportedly working on own self driving car.

Cupertino based company Apple is reportedly working on a self-driving electric car. This Apple car might launch in a couple of years. According to a new report, the tech giant has partnered with a South Korean company. It has done so in order to develop the autopilot chip for its car. According to a report by TheElec, Apple has partnered with a South Korean outsourced semiconductor assembly and test (OSAT) company. This will help develop the car’s autopilot technology.

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Apple Car To Get Automatic Shading System

The Apple Car is a long-rumored product. Now from sources, we have come to know that the Apple Car will be using an automatic shading system to block direct sunlight from the eyes of the drivers and the passengers. As per reports from AppleInsider, the automatic shading system will stop drivers and passengers from being blinded by the sun’s light or dazzled by the headlights of approaching cars at night. As per the patent granted by the US Patent and Trademark office the “active glare suppression system” will stop bright lights from reaching the driver’s eyes and at the same time keeping the rest of the view clear.

Along with this LED screens all over the vehicle are expected to be present in the Apple Car. The reason for this is to inform other drivers what the self-driving system is doing. The information displayed on the screens would include braking information, the speed of the car, and other messages in the form of graphics and video.

The report further mentions that during parking of the vehicle the display might show a goodbye message or welcome the user on arrival to the vehicle.

The apple car might use a C1 chip based on the A12 Bionic processor with in-cabin AI capabilities like eye-tracking.
Also, Apple will need a chip foundry that has the capacity for automotive processes that Samsung or TSMC could supply to Apple.

Apple’s Self Driving Car Initiative Gets A Push With The Launch Of 50 Cars In California

Apple has around 55 cars on the road now, which has been confirmed by the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). This autonomous vehicle program has always been kept under wraps with very less information made available to the public over the past several years. Also, Dmv has stated that 83 drivers have been permitted to test autonomous vehicles. Read MoreReviewsCollect Ad

A Complete Apple Car Is What Apple Needs

Since 2014, we have only come to know of some developments with the Apple Car concept where Apple is testing the AI technology and their progress with the test runs seem to be very compelling. But there has been no official statements as to when Apple will be open up about the Apple Car and give the fans and people in general an overall idea and what can they expect in the future. Read More