App Store Connect Allows Developers to Track In-App Event Performance

Apple App Store icon. Apple is introducing App Store Connect.

Apple has issued a statement about the introduction of App Store Connect help app developers run in-app events better. It states that developers creating iOS and iPadOS apps will be able to view analytics data for in-app events. These analytics include data like event page views, reminder and notification data, number of event driven downloads and redownloads, etc. Developers will be able to break down and view every single metric based on territory, source type, device, and more. This will allow developers to understand how in-app events affect their app’s growth.

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App Store Lawsuit Against Apple Brought by Cydia Gets Dismissed

Cydia logo

Cydia’s lawsuit that claimed that Apples App Store has unfairly forced it out of business has been dismissed by a US District Judge. However, the court will allow Cydia to amend its complaint. The lawsuit was originally filed by Jay Freeman, creator of Cydia, in December 2020. It claims that Apple has used its monopoly position against Cydia, the alternative jailbreaking store. It alleges that it was forced to close due to of Apple’s unlawful app distribution control over iOS. U.S.

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App Store’s Policies Causes the CCI to Open an Anti-Trust Investigation into Apple

The Indian market competition regulatory body Competition Commission of India (CCI) opened an in-depth investigation into Apple on Friday, focusing on the company’s App Store policies and practices. The 20 page long order released by the CCI stated that the App Store is iOS app developers’ only way of distributing their product to consumers. It also noted the fact that iOS comes pre-installed in all iPads and iPhones.

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Apple App Store Gets Some Major Updates For Developers

Apple has announced a major update for its App Store today. This update will be changing the way developers understand the users. In this update, developers can target their apps to the users better. They will be able to get their app noticed by more users and also highlight what actions are taking place inside the app. This will give a push to the new users to download the apps and will also request the existing users to return.

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Apple App Store Guidelines Saved Users $1.5 Billion

According to Apple, the timely discovery of fraud Apps and doubtful actions by the developers has saved $1.5 billion of the users. This amount could have used for fraud transactions in 2020. Before an App gets into the App Store, it has to go through a very strong review process. Also, any App update has to go through this review process before coming up on the App Store. Apple has shared detailed data on fraud prevention by the App Review Team. This has helped keep more than a million dangerous Apps from entering the App Store. There are more than 1.8 million Apps present in the Apple App Store. The company has shown that the security measures have stopped stolen cards from making transactions, Apps that change their usage after the first review process for App Store listing, account frauds by users and developers as well as fraudulent reviews.

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Google And Apple Eliminate Parler From App Store

Google eliminated Parler from its Play Store, and Apple undermined a comparable activity after the online media administration was among those used to put together the uproars this week at the Capitol in Washington. Parler Chief Executive John Matze, in the interim, claims that guidelines set for them don’t have any significant bearing on other people. Read More