App Review – Auto Bullet: Nexus Experiment

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Bit Dreams Studio‘s latest creation, the Auto Bullet app, is a powerful 2-D shooter game that is now available on the Google Play Store for Android users. The storyline follows the hero’s journey after alien technology falls into the hands of AFC, a powerful corporation that has world domination as its goal. The futuristic weaponry lets the AFC yield an army of slave super soldiers. However, one lone cyborg manages to regain his autonomy. Driven by his anguish, the hero is on a desperate mission to save his family, no matter the cost. Auto Bullet: Nexus Experiment, is an engaging shooter game that incorporates captivating visuals and graphics with riveting storytelling to make for an engaging and intriguing gaming experience.

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App Review: Where To? Location Finder with Integrated Micromobility

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The Where To? app has long been an immensely popular location finder app. Now, the iOS app takes a green step forward with the integration of micromobility. A fleet of shared bikes, scooters, and e-mopeds have been added to its list of services offered. Now, not only will users be able to search for the places they want to go, but they can also directly select their ride for a hassle-free experience. With this new offering of micromobility services, your chosen destination is now just one tap away.

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App Review: SMS-iT – Smart Messaging, Simplified

SMS-iT – the intelligent way of messaging – is the only messaging platform built for businesses, Blockchain, Metaverse, and Internet of Things (IoT). It offers a cheap and easy way to send or receive unlimited MMS, RCS, SMS, email, voice, fax, and chat messages. It also allows you to engage in direct, one-on-one conversations with their customers.

SMS-iT‘s two-way smart omnichannel communication provides a smooth and seamless customer experience. It’s intuitive APIs allow human or machine-to-machine interactions and personalize every interaction and customer experience.

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App Review: Jane Austen’s World – Your Go-To Destination for All Things Jane Austen

Jane Austen is an undeniable and integral part of English literature. Few authors have been able to claim eternal fame and relevance the way Austen has, with her works carving a space for themselves in literature through the ages. Austen was a widely read author then, and continues to be one now. However, to fully appreciate the genius of Austen’s work, it is imperative to understand her works. And what better way to learn about Austen and her sensational works that with the help of the Jane Austen’s World App – an app dedicated entirely to everything Jane Austen. With a beautiful layout and design, the app takes its readers on an immersive journey through the literary world of Jane Austen and her delightfully witty and charming creations.

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App Review: Qshot – Video Editor & Maker

If videos don’t already make up for an important part of your content marketing strategy, odds are they are about to be any time soon now. Web content is taking up a major chunk of marketing, no matter whether SEOs and content marketers like it or not. Up to 50% of marketers added YouTube and Facebook channels for video distribution recently; one-third of online activity is spent watching videos, and videos themselves are projected to account for more than 82% of all internet traffic by 2021. Read More

LuckyCrush – A New Platform To Flirt With People Online

LuckyCrush is a new site for users to have random video chats with strangers online. It’s a way to anonymously chat and flirt for straight adult people.

On the platform, guys are matched with random girls and vice versa, through live video chat. They can either chat while speaking to each other out loud or write to each other while looking at each other on webcam. Read More

Cyber Safety App Review: SafeToNet

SafeToNet makes the digital world safer for children to explore and enjoy.

Social Media has become an integral part of our everyday lives. With many advantages that it has, on the flip-side, it can also prove to be very toxic. The toxic side becomes a matter of concern particularly when you have kids. Chances are you are worried that their online presence is causing more harm than good. Over 92% of cyber-bullying victims suffer anxiety and lack of self-esteem.

A UK based cyber-safety App, SafeToNet, which is available in various countries around the world. The SafeToNet App can currently be downloaded in the following countries: The United Kingdom, The United States of America, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Qatar. Local subscription prices varies from country to country. It is available on Google Play Store, App Store and Samsung Galaxy Store. It runs on Android 6 or higher, or a mobile device that runs on Apple iOS 11 or higher. The App is focused on educating children to make better decisions online. The consequences of cyber-bullying go beyond low self-esteem, worthlessness and helplessness. It impacts mental health and can lead to self-harm. SafeToNet is an award winning and patented technology, that uses artificial intelligence software, aiming at creating an inclusive solution for imparting education to children by identifying and blocking harmful content online before it is sent, minimising the impact and harm. Read More

Rainbow Train Teaches Your Kids All About Colors

Rainbow Train AppRainbow Train is a new App available on the App Store for iOS that will help teach your kids all about the unique colors in a fun and exciting way. Standing in the educational category, this App has the potential to be a chart-topper. Rainbow Train has an interface that will dazzle you at first sight. The game has three in-built game modes that allow your toddler to learn about colors in an intuitive way. Read More