iOS-Android Cross Platform Chat Transfer Now Supported by WhatsApp

Meta-owned WhatsApp has long been testing transferring chat history between Android and iOS. The instant messaging platform has finally made the full functionality official. Until now, it used to only be possible to transfer chat history between ecosystems using third-party data transfer tools. However, these methods are often not free, and they can be difficult to use.

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Top 5 Android Apps To Clean Phone Memory

Most people only think about cleaning up their phones when something starts to go wrong. Android devices are smart enough that regular maintenance isn’t necessary, but it’s still a good idea to perform a digital tune-up every once in a while. Don’t underestimate the impact of staying digitally organized and having free space when you need it. The trick is finding phone cleaner apps that live up to their promises. At best, a bad cleaner app wastes storage space; at worst, it could infect you with malware and spam you with ads. Not all Android cleaner apps are useless, however.

Here, we have compiled a list of the top 5 phone memory cleaner apps for Android devices for our users.

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Google Works on Built-In Snore and Cough Detection for Android

In 2022, tech giant Google rolled out a new update to the Google Fit app which essentially turned the Pixel smartphones into the mobile heart and respiratory monitors. This feature makes use of a user’s phone’s cameras, microphone, and accelerometer to measure their heart rate and respiratory rate. According to a new report, Google is now working on two new features for Android smartphones that can provide more insight into their users’ sleep quality.

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Google Introduces ‘Protected by Android’ as a New Security Branding for Android

Tech giant Google’s latest endeavor in improving the general perception of security and privacy on Android, its mobile operating system, involves the introduction of “Protected by Android”. It seems that the “Protected by Android” branding is ready for a wider rollout already. A short 50-second video uploaded on the Android YouTube channel appears to corroborate this assumption.

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Google to Introduce Android Pixel Tablet in 2023

At the 2022 Google I/O, the tech giant unveiled a new Pixel tablet. However, this new Pixel tablet will not be launching until next year. Google has not launched a tablet since the Pixel Slate in 2018. The Pixel Slate ran on Chrome OS and there were plans for it to have a successor, but these plans were discontinued by Google. Prior to the Pixel Slate, the tech giant had launched the Pixel C in 2015. The Google Pixel C ran on Android.

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Google Rolls Out the First Beta of Android 13 for Google TV and Android TV

Tech giant Google has released the first beta of Android 13 for TV. This beta is the first look at the next version of the Android TV platform. With this beta being rolled out, developers and users will be able to have a preview of the new smart TV interface. However, users cannot simply install the latest beta on their existing Android TV or Google TV devices. To test out the Android 13 TV on a physical device, users need access to the ADT-3, an Android TV dongle meant for developers. Users can also access the new software by using the Android Emulator for TV within Android Studio.

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Sleep Timer Introduced in Apple Music 3.10 Beta for Android

Cupertino tech giant Apple has introduced a sleep timer to the Android beta of its streaming platform. The Apple Music 3.10 beta on Android now flaunts the new feature of a sleep timer. Oddly enough, the very same feature is currently missing in Apple’s own operating system, as there is no equivalent feature for the iOS beta of Apple Music.

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Google Assistant in Chrome for Android Offers to Automatically Change Compromised Passwords

At the Google I/O developer conference held in 2021, the tech giant had announced a new Google Assistant-powered feature for Chrome that would help users easily change compromised passwords. Now, this feature is finally rolling out to users of Chrome for Android. This new Assistant-powered feature will display a pop-up notification as soon as a user logs in with a password that has been found in a data breach. The pop-up notification states, “Chrome found the password you just used in a data breach. Your Google Assistant can change your password automatically.”

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