2021 MacBook Pro Models To Use An Apple M1X Chipset

The new MacBook Pro models that Apple is going to release this year will be having a new Apple Silicon chip. This news comes from a report in 9to5Mac. The report says that a reliable source has said that the new MacBook Pro will be having an M1X chipset. Also, the report further says that the “MacBook Pro” logo that is present below the display will be removed. The planned name that Apple has decided for this chipset is M1X. A report from Bloomberg last week also stated that the new MacBook Pro devices will be having a new Silicon chip. Also, it will include a 10-core CPU with 8 high-performance cores and 2 energy-efficient cores.

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15 Essential PPC Strategies For Every Internet Marketer In Singapore

Have you ever wondered how brands get millions of views and have thousands of leads in their funnel? Apart from their influence in industry and expertise, paid ads play a huge role in getting attention in no time. Advertising has changed drastically in Singapore since it arrived here in the 1910s. Now, people are using the internet 24/7; you can engage a huge audience if you have the right internet marketing strategies. PPC is the top choice of esteemed marketers when it comes to reaching audiences. Keep reading to find 15 strategies for getting the most out of your PPC campaigns in Singapore.

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3 Reasons Why Smartwatches Are Increasing In Popularity

The advancement of technology has brought so many changes that have helped make people’s lives easier. One of these improvements is smartwatches. These watches not only tell time but are embedded with technological tools, allowing them to offer other functions. As a result, many people are gravitating towards them, and sales are expected to continue to grow in the future. Consequently, this invention is becoming famous worldwide. However, some people are still not sure if they should try these watches. If you are one of them, here are three reasons why smartwatches are increasing in popularity.

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ICICI bank Launches A New Mobile App Called “InstaFX”

ICICI Bank today announced the introduction of a new smartphone application for registered money changers to assist any bank ‘ICICI Bank Forex Prepaid Card’ customers easily. The app, called ‘InstaFX’, helps the approved money changers, who are the bank’s associates, to complete the digital and real-time KYC authentication and confirmation of customers. As the ‘ICICI Bank Forex Prepaid Card’ is triggered rapidly within a few hours, as compared to the industry standard of up to two days, this facility greatly increases consumer comfort. ICICI Bank is the first bank in the world to sell money changers with such a service. Read More

Instagram Introduces New Features To Combat COVID-19 Misinformation

An announcement was made by Instagram that it will be releasing new features to help combat COVID-19 misinformation: a link will be seen by users in areas with surging cases to their local health authority at the very top of their feed along with vaccination information will also be directed to credible health sources. Read More