Apple VPs Discuss M1 Macs, Rosetta 2 Translation, And A Lot More In Interviews

Succeeding Tuesday’s reveal of the first Apple Silicon Macs, Apple VPs Tim Millet and Bob Borchers gave a couple of interviews to talk more about the M1 chip. Bob Borchers is the vice president of product marketing for Apple alongside Tim Millet, who serves as the company’s vice president of platform architecture. Read More

Google Photos Ditches Unlimited Uploads Alongside Other Storage Changes

Google Photos recently went through a couple of storage changes, among which the company decided to put a limit on the uploads users get. Previously, Google Photos granted all users with unlimited uploads. Google recently accounted that they will be limiting the uploads 15GB storage per account that is shared by its popular apps like Gmail and Google Drive. If one wishes to use above the free storage limit, they will have to purchase one of the company’s storage plans. Read More

Apple November 2020 Event: Cumulative List Of Updates

Apple’s third event of the year 2020 is over. “One More Thing” was an elaborate event punched with multiple updates and exciting new launches. Apple is making a significant change by switching to “Apple Silicon” for its MacBooks, although still relying on the same ARM-based processors that power the iPhone and iPad. Apple furthermore launched its well-awaited M1 processor, which is in the works to power its new MacBooks and an exciting new version of the Mac mini desktop. Read More

Sony To Allow Gamers To Stream The PS5 Via PS4: New App Launch

Recently, PS4 owners reported the launch of a new “PS5 Remote Play” app. The app is reportedly meant to let users keep a PlayStation 5 in one room and stream it to (and control it from) a PlayStation 4 in the other room. The PlayStation 5 can do most of what the old PlayStation 4 could, leaving behind a bare minimum of games and features. Yet, it might just not be the correct decision to discard off the PS4 as of yet. Gamers will be able to stream the PS5 via the PS4 through the newly launched app. This will allow them to pick up a game from exactly where they left it off in another room. Read More

Google One Rolls Out VPN For Android: How To Enable

Google One is now providing higher tier plan members with VPN services. For the moment, only android users are able to enjoy this function. Google One has assured that all other platform users will be receiving the same service anytime soon now. Users have to adhere to three basic requirements in order to fully optimize the VPN service provided by Google One. Read More

Samsung Likely To Soon Launch “Galaxy Buds Beyond”

Samsung has released multiple earbuds in the past few years, all out performing the previous. The company’s latest earbuds might be the new “Galaxy Buds Beyond.” Ever since 2018, Samsung has released at least one set of true wireless earbuds each passing year. This year, they released the Galaxy Buds+ s alongside the Galaxy S20, and the Galaxy Buds Live — more commonly known as “the beans” — alongside the Note 20. Read More

Top 5 American Election Apps for iPhone

Despite the fact whether one lives in the US or not, their presidential elections cause a buzz all around the world. Keeping up with the early predictions, exit polls, and final results are some of the best parts of this adrenalin rushing experience. The traditional old school way to keep track of these things is to sit in front of the television for hours on end. Sadly, one doesn’t have the time for that in today’s busy world. Mentioned below are the best iPhone apps that allow users to follow the election any time and from anywhere. Read More

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Samsung To Ditch Charger And Earphones In The New Galaxy S30’s Box

Recently, a report from Korea has surfaced about Samsung following suit with Apple’s decision to drop the charger out of the contents of the box for the new Samsung Galaxy S30. Although Samsung had taken a dig on Apple a while back for dropping the charger, they are ironically taking the same decision. Read More