YouTube Premium Referral Program to Give up to 12 Free Months of Service

YouTube Premium has launched a referral program through which current subscribers can receive a shareable code to refer people to joining the service. Under this referral program, subscribers who make these referrals can receive upto a year of free service on the platform. This referral program appears to be similar to the one YouTube TV launched this year.

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YouTube Music for Android to have Cleaner Settings

Towards the beginning of this year, YouTube Music had updated its Home feed for tablets. At that time, the Google-owned company had hinted that more UI optimizations were in the works, especially when it comes to playlists. Now, making good on that promise, YouTube Music offers an improved settings layout on Android.

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YouTube Gets New Animation for ‘Like’ Button on Mobile

Tech giant Google has introduced a brand new “Like” button animation on YouTube mobile. Reports on new animation date as far back as over a month ago, such as in the r/YouTube subreddit. The new animation may have been rolling out for a while now, however, it is appearing much more widely for users only now. As of now, the new “Like” button animation is still limited to YouTube on Android and iOS devices. The plain animation that fills the “Like” button and increases the like counter still appears on YouTube for desktop. There has been no news on if or not the updated animation will come to YouTube for desktop.

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Immersive Autoplay Mode on Mobile Home Feed Tested by YouTube

Pictured, illustration of YouTube icon on mobile, tablet, and lapop. YouTube is testing out Immersive Autoplay.

YouTube‘s latest UI tests on mobile have been making even more adjustments to the autoplay “Playback in feed” feature. This is presumably to make the autoplay feature more immersive. The latest changes to the UI involves changes to the the autoplay feature. It has added new in-feed controls for the volume and closed captions. Besides, it has the ability to tag a video as “Watch later” or to just skip it completely. Shortly after a video starts to autoplay, the immersive autoplay feature can do this while dimming the rest of the YouTube home feed interface. Users can access these controls by tapping the three-dot expanded menu option. Users can find this option along with the video title, channel icon, and view count.

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YouTube Vanced Successfully Killed by Google

YouTube Vanced icon

On Sunday, the team behind the YouTube Vanced project announced in their official Telegram channel as well as on the Vanced Twitter account that the modded app will be discontinued. YouTube Vanced was an alternative app to the official one by Google. It was a modded version of the original YouTube app. Moreover, it added several features to the app, such as ad blocking, background playback, and much more. The app did so without charging users like in the Premium tier of YouTube. YouTube Vanced gained even more popularity when, just as Google removed them officially, the app brought back dislike counts in videos. Now, upon the app’s discontinuation, users have unanswered questions.

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Video Transcription to be Available for YouTube’s Android App

YouTube for Android is getting Video Transcriptions. Pictured, YouTube icon on a mobile phone, laptop screen and tablet screen.

The Android app for popular Google owned video sharing platform, YouTube, appears to be getting a nifty little feature. This updated feature allows users to view the entire transcription of a video right on the app itself. Previously, this was a feature solely limited to the desktop version of the platform. The feature is now beginning to show up for a couple of Android users of the app, too.

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A New Tik Tok -Style Indicator Will Appear When YouTube Channels Go Live

The developers of YouTube continually add new features to the platform to make it more engaging and informative. The newest feature added to the interface is an indicator to show when a specific channel is streaming live. The feature was announced on Twitter by YouTube Products Director, Neal Mohan.

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YouTube Video Player Interface on Android and iOS to be Updated

YouTube Video Player icon on an iPhone screen

Google owned video sharing platform, YouTube, is rolling out a new interface. This will affect the YouTube video player interface on the mobile app. In the mobile app’s full-screen player, this new interface makes it easier to either like or privately dislike a video. It will also make viewing comments, and sharing videos a more convenient experience. The previous version did not offer most of these features. Users could access these features behind a swipe-up gesture on the “more videos” section. In contrast, the new interface puts these features front and center. It relegates the feature of related videos to a corner button instead.

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YouTube Issues Statement on Removal of Dislike Count on Videos

In a statement on Wednesday, YouTube announced that they will stop publicly displaying the number of “dislikes” in order to protect content creators from targeted attacks and harassment. Critics have long cited the public nature of the number of likes or dislikes as harmful to mental health. With this move, YouTube joins the likes of Facebook and Instagram, which allow users to opt out of this feature. People using YouTube may still click the “dislike” button available under videos on the platform, but will no longer be able to view the total tally of dislikes.

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