Chrome FastBall For Chrome and Flash Users

Google has updated Google Chrome to 5.0.375.86 and now it comes with Adobe Flash. The integrated flash player has been enabled by default and five security issues have been resolved. The shipment of the plug-in with the browser would help users stay up to date with the plug-in and also protect their computers against viruses and worms which the plug-in often faces.

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Google Docs Viewer On Android, iPhone and iPad

Google has updated Google Docs on mobile platforms and it is now compatible with Google Docs viewer. Last week, Google announced Google Docs Viewer which lets you preview .doc and .docx files right in your browser. Today, it has been made compatible with Google Docs Mobile and you could even view PDF’s, doc, docx and PowerPoint presentations without needing to download it to your device.

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Google and Collaborate To Make The Web Faster

Google’s Make The Web Faster project has been getting recognition lately and has partnered with Google to help make the web faster. Google with this project wants to make the web as fast as turning the pages of a magazine. It encourages power users to be a part of the program and try out new experiments such as Google PageSpeed and YahooYSlow.

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Gmail For iPad Gets Updated

A few months back, the Gmail Team gave Gmail a complete new look on touch screen devices including the iPad. Today, they have updated the compose window and now it seems more like the native mail app on the iPad. For now, the update would be available only in the US.

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Get Personal By Customizing Google

Tired of the plain white background that your favorite search engine bears? Well, it seems even Google is. They are trying out a new feature where you could set your own pictures as Google’s background.

It makes your search experience richer, personal and your own. Google is rolling out this new feature to users in the US and other countries internationally should expect this feature soon. You should see a link in the lower left corner of the screen using which you could upload pictures from your computer, choose from your Picasa Web Albums or choose from the large selection of pictures available in the Picasa Public Library.

Google will even provide you with an option to switch between the classic view and this new view. Customizing is not completely new to Google; iGoogle tries to do a somewhat similar thing but has loads of additional items which make it slower.