Google In Talks To Fund Social Commerce Startup Meesho

Meesho Google

Google is in the talks to invest approximately $50-$75 million in social platform, Meesho. 

Meesho raised $570 million from US-based Asset manager Fidelity and Eduardo Saverin’s B Capital in September. If Google invests, the amount will reach upto $600 million. Meesho is in talks to close a new funding round which would onboard Fidelity and B Capital.

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The Camera Module Of Google Pixel 6 Pro Might Not Be User Replaceable

There have been a lot of reports about the Pixel 6 Pro and it might look like we know almost everything that is to know about the upcoming phone. We have come across renders, spec sheets, even teardowns, camera samples, and pricing for some markets. However, some new reports have surfaced that claim that it might be very difficult to get the Pixel 6 Pro fixed if it shows a problem especially the camera module.

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Google Improves Its App To Give iPhone Users A ‘Better Experience’

Google has never mistreated or given inferior treatment to iPhone users for its apps and services. In fact, apps and services are given first to iPhone users and then to Android users. Now Google is working to make the experience on iPhone even better. According to reports of 9to5Mac, the staff engineering lead for Google Design on Apple platforms, Jeff Verkoeyen, spoke about this in a long Twitter thread. He said, “as we continued on the pursuit of cross-platform pixel parity, our iOS components were slowly drifting further and further from Apple platform fundamentals because those fundaments were also evolving year over year.”

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Google Launches ‘Quick Phrases’ Where You Can Talk To The Google Assistant Without Saying “Hey Google”

The latest development from Google is that Google Assistant might even be activated without you saying “Hey Google”. According to XDA Developers, a ‘Quick Phrases’ feature is available to a Pixel 3 XL which was running the Android 12 beta. It isn’t sure if the Android 12 is a requirement for quick phrases. The Google app version used was

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Google Gives An Official Date For The Pixel 6 Series Launch

Google Pixel 6 series has finally got its official launch date. Last night Google announced that there will be a virtual event by Google on October 19 at 1:00 PM ET which is 10:30 PM IST. There are no scopes for guessing as Google made it clear that they will be unveiling the Pixel 6 series during that event. In the announcement, Google said, “On October 19, we’re officially introducing you to Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro-the completely reimagined Google phones. Powered by Tensor, Google’s first custom mobile, they’re fast, smart, and secure. And they adapt to you. #Pixel6Launch.”

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Google Brings Fuel Efficient Routing Model In Google Maps

Google has been introducing back-to-back features on its apps. This time around Google Maps is getting new features that will allow users to make environmentally friendly choices while traveling. The new update to Google Maps is the eco-friendly routing which will show the users the most fuel-efficient route plus the fastest route. This will allow the users to choose the route that is best for them. Google announced this feature through a blog post wherein they said that the new routing model will not only get the users to the destination as soon as possible but will also optimize for lower fuel consumption. Also, it will show the relative difference in fuel savings and the estimated time of arrival (ETA) to the users. Now if the ETA for the fastest and most fuel-efficient route is the same then Google Maps will go for the latter to reduce carbon emissions.

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Date And Time Of Your Media Can Now Be Changed Through Google Photos App

Google has brought in a new update to its Google Photos mobile app for Android and iOS. Through this update, the users can edit the media’s time and date directly from the app. For this, you need to open the app and swipe up on any image or video. After doing this you will see a marker in the right corner which means that you can now edit the date and time.

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Android 12 Officially Releases But The Update For Pixels Will Be Arriving In The Next Few Weeks

Android 12 has been one of the most awaited software updates for some time now. However, Google is late in its release of the update especially if we compare it with last year’s Android 11 release. In 2020 Google released the Android 12 on the first working Monday of September. This time we are already in the first working Monday of October and it is now that Google is “officially releasing” Android 12. But then again it is pushing its source for the Android open source project.

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